Medicine of Ancient China: through the prism of time...
The details of the historical Parallels between the development of medicine in Ancient China and Ancient Rome. The effect of the medicine of Ancient China the Ancient world, its main…

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Alternative medicine in Germany
I have always believed that traditional medicine with its many recipes from any sores is the heritage of our mother Russia. And those who want to be treated by means…

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Heart disease in people: holistic medical treatment, alternative medicine

In the list of causes of death today are heart disease in humans . caused not only by genetic predisposition and unhealthy lifestyle, but and other diseases, occurring in parallel in the body.

Cardiovascular disease: methods of treatment

Because the factors influencing the formation of many pathologies of CVD, and therapy should be carried out in the complex – it is necessary to struggle not only with the consequences of disease, but also to eliminate causes of their appearance.

The cardiologist, after collecting the anamnesis, receiving the results of clinical tests and hardware diagnostics, identify existing cardiovascular disease and determine treatment methods . and also gives recommendations how to adjust your diet. motor activity.

Everything used today in cardiology methods can be divided into three groups.

1. Using drugs:

to thin the blood;

for lowering cholesterol;

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Russian tourist died in Peru from the shamans drink

January 7, representatives of law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Peru . said the death of a Russian tourist .

The dead body of a man found in a hotel room at the Platinum Palace in the district of Wanchaq Peruvian province of Cusco . Deceased citizen of Russia was called, according to preliminary information, Alex or Alexander Nikolaev.

– The death of a tourist has come about January 3, – commented on the tragedy, the representative of the local Prosecutor’s office, a specialist in working with tourists Manuel Mayorga .- The man was about 32 years old. In room 406 of Platinum Palace in Cuzco he moved on 3 January. Most likely, the same day he died. As far as we know, the man was going to go in the ancient Peruvian city of Machu Picchu . The exact cause of death is not yet known, but the body of the deceased Russian hasn’t found any damage.

According to local media reports, the Russian tourist Nikolaev has used one local drink that shamans use in carrying out various rituals.

Ayahuasca is a decoction that has a strong psychoactive effect. Probably, the tourist is poisoned this powerful tool. It is also noted that near the body found a syringe with an unknown substance. It is not excluded that the deceased could take drugs.

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Feline aristocracy, dogs who treat people sapindus and other Kipsala

Spring comes, the nature revives and brings good news for those who love our little brothers — 21st and 22nd March in Kipsala will host an exhibition of Pets and zoo industry PetExpo 2015. Families with children and everyone who loves animals, look forward to seeing hundreds of cats, dogs, other domestic and exotic animals, exciting shows and rides!

Beautiful dogs

Big and small, furry and gladkosherstnye, vigilant guards and hunters, or just companions and loyal family friends — so variety will be presented to the dog at the exhibition “PetExpo 2015”. For two days visitors will be able to see more than three thousand representatives of 210 species. Participants will include sapindus and Majorcan bulldog (CA De Bou), and it’s not the most exotic! On It will gather dogs from France, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia… just from 14 different countries. Dog lovers will be able to observe not only unprecedented in Latvia rocks, but the lessons of obedience, performances, circus stunts and other events. In addition, each exhibition day will end with a colourful show by definition the most beautiful of the beautiful horses of various breeds.

Dogs who treat children

Annually the exhibition with special warmth welcomes families with children. This year with young audience will act the group, which brings together the peace-loving and friendly dogs who treat children. While rediculious to find out for what purpose and how is it used canistherapy, children can meet and play with specially trained for this purpose four-legged friends. Experiencing warm emotions from communicating with affectionate and friendly animals, children will be able naprygatsya on inflatable rides that will operate both days of the show! Continue reading