Several unusual methods of treatment of tinnitus — noise or ringing in the ears
Judging by the popularity of my articles about tinnitus, this issue is a concern for many people website visitors. Here's a previous article with tag tinnitus . But as an…

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Folk medicine: myth or salvation
Among our generation is now much less healthy people than it was ever before. Today many chronic diseases, including related diseases. They accompany us from an early age, and we…

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Expedition to the shaman healers

Under the leadership of Alfonso Granda – psychologist, psychotherapist and University Professor, specialist accredited in Biodanza. Ericksonian hypnotherapy and family Constellations with extensive experience in the clinical setting. A connoisseur and promoter of folk medicine and ancient Peruvian peoples in the University. The Director of the Biodanza school of Lima – Peru. Ø ANS to interview a real Shaman, besides, if he and the rector of the University San Martin. But in this case, our chances increase dramatically, because to combine University education and clean Peruvian tradition of shamanism that only a person with great aptitude for data synthesis and a broad Outlook on life.

Curandero — shaman -witch with special Magical Knowledge. It is the person who uses the plant as well as animals, solar energy, land and all natural resources, including your own body, to help other people to find peace and calm, relieve pain, and to feel care. We are talking about a man who drives positive forces of body and spirit. Today in Peru there are only a few masters know how to perform this ritual. The others simply are limited to issuance to the participants the minimum dose of plants. Continue reading

Nail fungus: the treatment of folk remedies

This is very unpleasant and unaesthetic disease such as nail fungus or onychomycosis, unfortunately, may threaten each of us. Fungal infections are transmitted very easily infection site can become a gym, swimming pool, bath, shower at work and other public places. So it is always worthwhile to monitor the hygiene of your hands and feet. If still happened infestation, begin treatment immediately and this will help folk remedies.

The untimely treatment of nail fungus leads to its spread and cause serious health problems. The fact that caused on the nails of hands, feet or skin fungus synthesizes toxic enzymes that causes accumulation hazardous to our health toxins. Folk remedies against onychomycosis can help prevent complications associated with activity of the fungus, but to solve the problem, when the disease is already running better with the help of a doctor.

A number of methods of treatment of nail fungus folk remedies is very large, we have selected five of the most effective and frequently used recipes, including:

• treatment of fungus nails using butter and garlic. To prepare this recipe you will need a average head of garlic and a tablespoon of butter. Garlic rubbed on a fine grater and mix with slightly softened butter. The mixture smear those areas where you find the nail fungus. Continue reading