Ancient Egyptian medicine.
In ancient Egyptian temples, the priests treated the mutations that were identified at that time those who emigrated from Atlantis. History of medicine ancient Egypt is striking in its perfection.…

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Medicinal plants and their use
Practical medicine from the earliest times uses medicinal plants for their own purposes. Starting from the times of primitive communal system, the first people used the medicinal properties of plants…

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Folk and alternative medicine

Treatment with medicinal herbs. Herbal medicine is one of the oldest ways of dealing with illnesses. The method is based on accumulated knowledge about plants, their impact on the human body. The herbal medicine includes such modern trends as phytotherapy and aromatherapy.

Prayers, incantations, bioenergy, Many people are skeptical about this type of treatment. But this method is a symbiosis of work with the chakras, self-suggestion and hypnosis, and sometimes the higher unconscious person – according to your faith be it unto you. It can have a significant beneficial effect in some cases.

Homeopathy. It is a method of treatment based on the principle of using small doses of drugs that cause an action similar to the action of the disease itself. Treatment of diseases by the method of “like with like”.

Modern medicine can cure many diseases, to do complex operations, there were vitamins, hormones, various prophylactic and therapeutic drugs. And, it would seem, to alternative medicine would not be necessary. However, a large number of people prefer natural remedies, instead of artificial medicines.

So, what is the alternative (traditional or non-traditional) medicine . This body of knowledge and teachings about diseases and their treatment ways, which are not included drugs produced by industrial methods, and surgical intervention (besides passing blood). Areas of folk medicine are many remedies and treatment of plant, animal, mineral origin, bee products, acupuncture and so on.

Knowledge, which allow to treat a person this way, accumulated in centuries and passed from generation to generation. In acute manifestations of disease, it is better to turn to qualified doctors. But if you have a chronic illness, weak immune system or you want to prevent diseases or to cleanse the body alternative recipes is just what you need. Modern medicine sometimes negated the effectiveness of folk remedies. Usually this happens because people make attempts to improve the through them, not knowing the exact recipe, or do medication. But many areas of alternative medicine are being successfully applied now.