Green tea for health and beauty
Green tea I deeply respect, and "Ahmad" especially... About the benefits of drinking this healthy drink there is no sense here for the millionth time to repeat... Today I want…

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Ancient Egyptian medicine.
In ancient Egyptian temples, the priests treated the mutations that were identified at that time those who emigrated from Atlantis. History of medicine ancient Egypt is striking in its perfection.…

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To cure the disease of old age is futile

For the development of cancer drugs spent millions of dollars. And therapy these drugs prolongs the life of such people only on average 7 months. Why is this happening? Because for us aging people . How it works and why it is useless to treat individual diseases of old age will examine later.

The fact that cure cancer, people die already, for example, from a heart attack or stroke. So the next picture you can see how more likely to die from age-related diseases with age.

You need to treat the aging person . A separate disease to treat is useless

As can be seen from the graph that the causes of dying from various diseases with age go hand in hand. And even if you cure any of the diseases, the relay picks up another disease and still kills the person. The same character of rise of mortality from age related diseases suggests that we are dealing with the same disease is aging . And such “type of disease” as listed below as the symptoms of old age:

Senile dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease (memory loss, concentration, adequacy of thinking, etc.) kills humans within 5-7 years from the start of development.

Cataract (clouding of the eye lens, and, as a consequence, the loss of vision of the subject (one sees telecommute) can cause death from an accident due to poor vision.

Osteoporosis (brittle bones) can cause premature death from complications of fractures of large bones.

Diabetes (elevated blood sugar) is the main cause of high blood pressure. blood clots, strokes and heart attacks, cause sudden death.

Arthritis (inflammation of joints). Can cause accidental death, as people because of the pain in my joints could not handle his body.

Parkinson’s disease.

Immunostain. Causes sudden death from infections in which can help even vaccines and antibiotics. As well as causing lethal autoimmune disease. For example, lupus erythematosus.

Cancer. Death from cancer.

Of chronic kidney disease. Causes death from kidney failure.

As you can see, as if we were not struggling for life, healing, for example, cancer, but we can’t escape from death by other diseases that await us with the same probability, and cancer. And the list of them wide. How can prevent them all at once. Yeah that’s the thing that can be warn all at once. But all of these “type of disease” all at once and have the symptoms of one disease is aging . How to treat the age can be read in this blog. This is not a commercial project. The purpose of this blog is not promoting “miraculous” means. Our task is to equip people with the knowledge to combat this disease.

Today, almost every week there are new discoveries and there is an effective means of dealing with old age. Science is making great strides. We recommend You to subscribe to new blog articles.

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