How cats treat diseases in humans
The ability of cats to treat said even in ancient times, especially believed that the inhabitants of Tibet and Egypt. Today this statement is a scientifically proven fact, and in…

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Expedition to the shaman healers
Under the leadership of Alfonso Granda - psychologist, psychotherapist and University Professor, specialist accredited in Biodanza. Ericksonian hypnotherapy and family Constellations with extensive experience in the clinical setting. A connoisseur…

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Healing and healers.

You think that only the elect can relieve headache that only they possess this mysterious mission? Generally, if to understand and to conduct open research, only a small portion of people actually has paranormal abilities, in other cases, the rule Samulnori. To read.

In Russian fairy tales always featured stories about the amazing saving medicines against diseases: about living water from any ailments, about the rejuvenating apples, boiling cauldrons with milk, dip in that, the old man goes boys. Tales on an empty place does not appear. Just in olden times, pp. to Read.


Did you know that human capabilities can get rid of most of the diseases without drugs and doctors? It is really so. Man consists not only of the physical body, there is also a so-called “thin plan” — the subtle body, “woven” I. Read.

Masaki believed the body storagewise consciousness because of its ability to imprint and store knowledge (images). I will try to explain you this with an example. I recently foul his spine and remembered, as a child fell from the mulberry right on. To read.

GENETIC ENERGOINFORMATSIONNOGO – negative energy-information program, combined with existing genetic, with a subsequent increase and transformation.

What is it? To explain this, have to start a bit. Or rather, from the very beginning – with. To read.

To bring a man from alcoholism there are many magical rituals, of which we selected only the three most efficient, and most importantly the lungs to perform their at home even by those who are not privy to magic. However, before we practice them, we must remember the following condition – you mo. To read.

Before you take the help of a person suffering from alcoholism, especially alcoholism, you must clearly realize that you will not only become a healer, but also become an energy donor, and not for one day, and for many months and even possibly years.

Most victims of alcohol people drink not because supposedly not able to do without alcohol, but in an effort to improve their lives. That is why the cause of drunkenness must first be sought in psychological problems. And there can be several:

Let’s start with the fact that it’s not bullshit and not something stupid. Our hands are really able to catch the slightest fluctuations and changes in our environment at the expense of rush of blood to the hands. Getting a sense of satiety receptors in the skin tissues become more sensitive and capable to perform. To read.

Through visualization, you can help patients in your community. In order to do this, it is necessary to reproduce in memory an exact image of the patient.

Healers — who is it? While researching this topic, I had to face the misunderstanding of the healers. From personal experience with this category of people is it that they can be divided into two groups — the healers inherited and healers are self-taught. There are charlatans, but I’m not trying even to be seen. To read.