Expedition to the shaman healers
Under the leadership of Alfonso Granda - psychologist, psychotherapist and University Professor, specialist accredited in Biodanza. Ericksonian hypnotherapy and family Constellations with extensive experience in the clinical setting. A connoisseur…

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Goose grease – the benefits and harms
Goose fat is an ancient remedy that was used by our ancestors to treat various diseases. It is known that the goose fat was used not only as medicine but…

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Diagnosis and healing

Many of you, my dear readers, have heard about the wonders of yogic diagnosis and healing. Many of you have seen and heard of miracles “TV magicians” like Kashpirovsky. But no miracles in this. Every healthy person can become a healer if not for the television audience, at least for his family and friends.

First of all you have to do them, should be harmonious and strong man. Your assessment, which we will discuss later, have to rise above 4 on a 6-point scale. You need to develop your sensitivity. From this last property we start.

Guessing colors with your fingers a few inches with her eyes closed and discriminating a spoon from a fork or plastic surface from wooden or metal, you will develop your sensitivity that will be needed in the diagnosis, i.e. patients in the definition of points, meridians or organs. People are usually sick at once rather than only one organ, but as a rule, every disease has its specific, local manifestation.

Put the left hand upright and point the fingers of the right hand in the center of the left palm a few inches. Slowly slide the fingers prograli in the area of the left palm, at the same time try to imagine that the fingers follows a cold or hot stream. If you have at least some ability to diagnosis and healing, then you are on the palm of the left hand will feel a tickling trace of the movement of the right hand. If you won’t feel a thing, I would not advise You for the diagnosis and the healing to take.

Every normal healthy person radiates a set of ultrasonic and electromagnetic fields in various ranges. The intensity of these radiations and their spectral composition varies greatly among different healers, and in particular, determine the strength of influence of the healer on the patient. The dynamics of these fields with Your smell, Your appearance, Your facial expressions, Your gestures define how others perceive You.

But much more important to think about physical fields, and about their spiritual condition which in any way affects the physical fields. The healer should love the patient. The patient needs your love. Love healthy easy, but you go the hard way. Your burning desire to help the sick, Your love for him and do the miracle of healing to which You aspire, provided, of course, mastery of the required technique.

Television healers rely mostly on suggestion in the hypnotic condition, when the will is suppressed, and attention is narrowed. Yogic healer must not disregard this technique, but it is not for him.

In the simplest case, for example, treating sports injuries, take for example the injury, at the beginning of the hand we find the area of the injury, she invokes a feeling type of itching in my fingers, and then emitted through the fingers of his energy so that this itching be reduced or removed at all. This half hour treatments twice a day every day several times accelerates the healing of bruises. As we can see, yogic treatment in American terms, where time is money, is not cheap, however, is the most natural.

A more detailed technique diagnostics and healing will be discussed in the following issues of the Bulletin Boris Kaluzhny on the basis of summaries of training conducted by Sergey Mitrofanov at the Moscow Institute of physical culture.