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Folk healers of China: Sheng, Shui and Miao

In China inhabited by 56 different nationalities. So traditional medicine in unprecedented diversity.

Many residents of European countries believe that folk medicine is something close to quackery, or at best, a cultural relic of the past. However, in recent years more and more patients for whom Eastern medicine was the only hope of a cure. Where is the truth between these two opposing views? Perhaps a review of traditions of folk medicine of some Chinese ethnic groups will shed light on this question. Let’s start with the medicine peoples Sheng, Shui and Miao.

People shes

The representatives of the nation she live mostly in the mountainous regions of China, where flora and fauna are relatively scarce. People mainly live in villages and houses located far from each other, so in the event of illness or accident help you have to wait quite a long time.

That is why each family is a small subsistence farming, and medicinal herbs and roots are available in almost every home people prepare them for the future, in order to make an exchange with neighbors.

Often medicines are used in combination with such traditional for the entire Chinese treatments such as acupuncture. banks and various medical ointments.

The Shui nationality

Representatives of ethnic Shui resettled in the South-West of the country in the Sanshou-Soiskatelei County in Guizhou province. This region is rich in fish, rice, flowers and fruit. Fertile soils and a temperate climate with abundant rainfall ensures a huge variety of medical raw materials.

Medicines produced by people Shui, popular in other regions of the world. Some of them are very rare and expensive. For example, a turtle shell, according to traditional beliefs, restores the disturbed metabolism in the body and improves the immune system, liver otters accelerates the merging of bones after fractures, and the musk widely used in perfumery.

In the past, shuitsev were spread polytheism and animistic beliefs. Theoretical principles Shuya medicine is largely based on theology: they believe that all life on this earth is ruled by divine power. When examining a patient a doctor asks questions that help clarify the cause of the disease and selecting an appropriate treatment.

However, the effectiveness of medicine sucedeu doubt, because she had not offered treatment for malaria, the incidence of which dujcev in the past reached 80%. The disease was eradicated only in the beginning of this century.

The Miao nationality

Nationality Miao or Hmong total population of approximately 11 million people living in southern China, Northern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar. According to medical theory of the nation, human disease result from effects on the body 6 factors – poison, weakness, injury, indigestion, bacteria and parasites. Diagnosis of diseases by studying the pulse, listen to the voice, the inspection of complexion. questions about the status of the disease.

Healers of Miao medicines are made of herbs, minerals, meat and animal bones. In recent years in the mountainous regions of China, which is densely populated by the ethnic minorities, and set up base on growing medicinal herbs, such as high Pousada, kolosovidnye the sea o, honeysuckle, platycodon grandiflorum and the other. According to some reports, today in medicine the Miao, there are about 1500 drugs of natural origin.