Expedition to the shaman healers
Under the leadership of Alfonso Granda - psychologist, psychotherapist and University Professor, specialist accredited in Biodanza. Ericksonian hypnotherapy and family Constellations with extensive experience in the clinical setting. A connoisseur…

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The use of medicinal herbs for hemorrhoids treatment
How to get rid of a hangover with the help of medicinal plants? Medicinal herbs will help.Collection from hemorrhoids to buy at the store herbs treat hemorrhoids Applying.Herbal store and…

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Ancient Egyptian medicine.

In ancient Egyptian temples, the priests treated the mutations that were identified at that time those who emigrated from Atlantis. History of medicine ancient Egypt is striking in its perfection. Also corrected in the future this kind of disease in their children and grandchildren, who were born from women of Ancient Egypt. The question arises, is this the beginning of the known modern disease mutation?

It is known that the first wall paintings in the temples appeared in 1800 BC, which told about the treatment of diseases. On this basis, one may assume that before this time the ancient Egyptians did not hurt. But much earlier in Ancient Egypt has already conducted the operation of turning the corpse into a mummy, and this naturally required a certain knowledge in the field of medicine. Ancient Egyptian medicine was treating people very well, about as modern medical cures. One alternative historian argues that in this period was destroyed-the fourth pyramid, from the pyramid complex of Giza. There is a theory that the four pyramids were used by priests to recreate the balance between spirituality and materiality. And supposedly these pyramids could map the cosmic vibrations that emanated from Orion and Sirius. Thus, when one of the pyramids was destroyed, the priests had to find other methdilazine people. History of medicine ancient Egypt is full of secrets and mysteries, because it was brought to Egypt from Atlanta.

The ancient Egyptians believed that it was possible to treat, following the map, first treat the body then the soul and therefore healthy spirit appears in the body. Treat could only the priests, having knowledge in the field of medicine. It should be noted that this method of treatment fully support and physicians East. Medicine the West primarily treats only the body, not focusing on the soul and spirit of man, all this happened after the famous campaign against the wizards. If there was mental illness of the plan, since ancient times, this treatment did Church institutions. Ancient Egyptian medicine was taught to the treatment and cure of many diseases.

If we look at Ancient Egypt, we see the tools of ancient surgeons, evidence of this are in the Museum of Britain. Their composition and their quality, does not cease to amaze modern doctors. Doctors recognize that even in our time agree to use these ancient surgical instruments. History of medicine ancient Egypt surprises us still.

As a PostScript it is worth to cite an interesting example, as in Ancient Egypt it was determined that the woman is pregnant or not. Ancient Egyptian woman had to recover in a wheat grain. If the grain was sprouted in a hundred percentage, a woman could be congratulated for future motherhood. In England in our time, scientists have conducted a scientific experiment, taking a certain amount of wheat grain and soaked with urine of a woman who was not in position. Imagine their surprise when they found the methodology of the ancient Egyptians, and soaked seeds of wheat had sprouted. Ancient Egyptian medicine, almost all lost today.

From here we can conclude, don’t need to spend huge funds to build a huge enterprise that will create the pregnancy tests.