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Several unusual methods of treatment of tinnitus — noise or ringing in the ears

Judging by the popularity of my articles about tinnitus, this issue is a concern for many people website visitors. Here’s a previous article with tag tinnitus .

But as an official, trusted and working method of treatment of tinnitus just isn’t there, then today I publish several methods, which are described on the Internet and from my point of view can help in noise and ringing in the ears.

Describe things as they are, and give links to the original sources. If You have specific questions regarding techniques, it is best to contact them and not me.

Acupressure (finger massage)

Please note that when exercising acupressure is always done in a circular motion and often only at low pressure.

Below are effective techniques that should be carried out with noise in the ears:

First press 7 seconds on the index finger the point in the dimple above the upper lip, directly under his nose. Then, with medium force, push the dot at the end of the root of the nose, near the eyebrows is also 7 seconds. Repeat these techniques several times a day.

The following method of acupressure helps to improve blood circulation in the ear.

Hold between thumb and forefinger by the edge of the auricle, which is located in its upper part (for both re-quirements of the ears).

Then intensively massage the forefinger edge of the ear cartilage. After 1 minute you have to go down to the earlobes, then back in for 1 minute to ascend to the starting point in the upper part of the auricular cartilage.

Then within 7 seconds of intense push your ring finger on the place where the ear lobe connects to the face, then, the next 7 seconds, right in front of the ear tab (there if touch it, you will feel a small hole). And finally, another 7 seconds at the beginning of the upper part of the auricle (there you should also find a hole).

Later, after 3 minutes, you will feel that the ears warmer and you will feel a pleasant rush of blood.

Repeat these techniques of acupressure at least 4 times a day.

Yoga tinnitus

However, the methods of dealing with troublesome symptoms still exist. One of them, according to a teacher of yoga Iyengar Gail Ackerman, is to get rid of tension in your body, which most people consider normal.

Gail, who suffered from the symptoms of tinnitus most of his life, believes that is partly the cause of tinnitus is tension in the head and neck. Eliminate the blocks by means of careful practice inverted poses – Sirshasana (headstand), Sarvangasana (Stand on shoulders) and Sirsasana on special ropes used in yoga Iyengar. To achieve the effect, it is important not to transfer the body weight on the neck. However, even a correct performance of the asanas may alleviate the condition, and to aggravate it, so to do better under the guidance of experienced yoga therapist.

Another method, by which it is possible to get rid of the Intrusive sound, is acupuncture and acupressure. Doctor of alternative medicine Phyllis Avery advises intensively massaging the point at the base of the skull – two on either side of the spinal column and two behind the ears for 8 minutes twice a day. In her own case, it helped pranayama Nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing).

Once again, I gave these methods for information purposes only. I don’t think you can harm yourself, however, and the benefits of these techniques I can not say anything. Talk to your ENT doctor before something to apply from the above. Anyway, I do not recommend with scope to stand on his head.