PTOSIS of the STOMACH and STOMACH CRAMPS - folk remedies treatment
In reference books I couldn't find any information about plants that are used for prolapse of the stomach. I have a few recipes gleaned from the experience of other herbalists.…

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Garden of herbs
Growing medicinal plants at home can turn your windowsill into a living pharmacy. The nutrients and antioxidants in herbs help to strengthen the immune system, protect heart, improve brain function…

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Medicine of Ancient China: through the prism of time…

The details of the historical Parallels between the development of medicine in Ancient China and Ancient Rome. The effect of the medicine of Ancient China the Ancient world, its main achievements. The concept of Yin and Yang. Acupuncture, moxibustion, medical massage and therapeutic exercise.

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Such documents

Features of civilization of Ancient Egypt. High level of knowledge of the ancient Egyptians in the field of medicine. Priestly temple medicine, her techniques. Medicinal plants mentioned in the papyri. The achievements of previous eras in the basis of medicine of Ancient Rome.

The practice of medicine in the Imperial period. Medicine of the period of the Republic. Philosophical principles of medicine of Ancient Rome. Medicine of the Empire period. The establishment of military medicine. The development of medical Affairs. The development of medical knowledge.

Features of the development of ancient Egyptian medicine, its influence on many subsequent medical systems of the Ancient world. Sources on the history and practice of medicine. Medical practice in Ancient Egypt. Describe non-invasive surgery, treatments for fractures.

The history of aromalogy, of medicine and pharmacy of Ancient Egypt. Mythology and ancient Egyptian medicine. Limited areas of ancient Egyptian medicine. Papyrus Ebers XVI century BC Spaceneedle and pharmacy of Ancient Egypt at the present time.

The history of development of medicine from ancient times to the present day, the practice of medicine in Ancient Greece. The teachings of Hippocrates and his importance in the development of classical medicine, the most famous of his works. Features and outstanding representatives of Alexandrian medicine.

Major medical advances and peculiarities of treatment in the ancient countries: India, Rome, Egypt, Greece, China, Russia. The content of the papyri Ebers and Smith, the development of surgery and dentistry. The history of medical ethics. The laws of health in Ancient Israel.

The origins of Tibetan medicine. The influence of the medical systems of India, China, Iran on the formation and development of Tibetan medicine. Proper nutrition as the main component of health. Treatments for diseases. The condition of the human body through Tibetan medicine.

The role of the pharmacist in the healthcare structure. The history of pharmacology. The formation of two medical approaches in the countries of the Ancient East – turgescency and folk medicine. The characteristic features of Indian, Roman and Chinese medicine.

The history of medicine, her first steps, developed in the middle ages. Advances in medical science in the XVI-XIX centuries, Especially the development of medicine in the twentieth century the Life and work of Hippocrates, the value for medicine, his scientific collection. Medical work of Nostradamus.

The history of Chinese medicine. The development of veterinary science in India. Veterinary doctors of Ancient Persia. The development of veterinary medicine in Mesopotamia (the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates, XX-XVII century BC). Techniques of healing in Egypt. The main merit of Hippocrates the development of medicine.