PTOSIS of the STOMACH and STOMACH CRAMPS - folk remedies treatment
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Goose grease – the benefits and harms

Goose fat is an ancient remedy that was used by our ancestors to treat various diseases. It is known that the goose fat was used not only as medicine but also as a cosmetic, and on its basis prepared prophylactic drugs to prevent colds, eczema, psoriasis, and other afflictions.

But history knows many cases when relevant once the tool was not only useless but harmful. So before you learn from the experience, you need to know whether goose fat, and this can only be done with the help of analysis of its composition.

The composition and properties of goose fat

Animal fats have always been considered a storehouse of nutrients that are easily assimilated by the human body. Is no exception and goose grease, which has no contraindications, except one – when the internal use of this remedy is undesirable for people who are overweight and elevated cholesterol .

Domestic goose is mentioned in the ancient sources – the Bible, ancient Roman, ancient Egyptian, and also in the documents of Ancient China. This means that the goose was one of the first birds that people made, and the wisdom of centuries has confirmed the great importance and benefit to the goose to humans. Poultry meat is used in cooking, the feathers in the home, and the fat in traditional medicine.

What helps goose fat, and will suggest its structure and composition:

Structure – goose fat similar to olive oil, after melting,and so it is very easy to mix with other ingredients and cause not only the skin, but taken orally.

Polyunsaturated acids – they are involved in metabolism, help to form a strong immunity, are involved in tissue regeneration; the fact that polyunsaturated acids are essential for the development of the young organism suggests that it links all important processes in the body.

Useful than goose fat?

So, use goose fat is confirmed by long-term practice of different Nations. For example, Koreans believe that it helps to break up tumors, and in Russia it was used as a hangover cure. I believe the Koreans, the question is difficult – after all, the nature of cancer is not fully disclosed, which means to say that goose fat helps in the treatment of these diseases is still not possible. But hangover he can really be effective, because the adopted tsp goose fat before a meal, coats the stomach wall, and reduces the effects of toxic substances on the body.

In folk medicine, goose fat is used to treat many diseases.

Treatment of goose fat when frostbite

To reduce the harm from frostbite and to repair damaged tissue, goose fat rubbed frostbitten area. Suvorov said that this tool really helped out the soldiers while crossing the Alps.

Useful properties of goose fat will help with a cold

It helps to strengthen the immune system: you need to mix equal parts of goose fat, cocoa and honey with aloe juice (15 g). The mixture needs to be warmed up, and then to dissolve 1 tsp in warm milk and take 2 times a day.

Goose fat for coughs

In pulmonary diseases using the following mixture:

goose grease – 100 g;

honey – 100 g;

vodka – 100 g

The ingredients you need to stir and put in a dark place for 1 week to draw. After that, daily to take 1 tsp.

Goose fat from burns

A few days after burns goose fat smeared the affected area twice a day. This greatly accelerates healing.

Goose fat from purulent skin diseases

To treat the skin topically used the following mixture:

goose fat – 115 g;

the powder of oak bark – 20 g

This tool was applied to the skin, and then applied the bandage of cellophane and bandage for 1 hour. This recipe is best Korean lovers of folk medicine.