Diagnosis and healing
Many of you, my dear readers, have heard about the wonders of yogic diagnosis and healing. Many of you have seen and heard of miracles "TV magicians" like Kashpirovsky. But…

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Medicine of Ancient China: through the prism of time...
The details of the historical Parallels between the development of medicine in Ancient China and Ancient Rome. The effect of the medicine of Ancient China the Ancient world, its main…

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Manufacturing of herbs

Production and commercial company “VITAFARM” (LLC) – the heart, the “motor” of the entire company, which occupies a worthy place among the other Russian enterprises manufacturing medicines from raw materials of vegetable origin. The company has a Federal license for production of medicines from plant material and produces 117 titles of medicines: fees and monotropy, medicinal teas and medicines based on plant components. Daily in 12 regions of Russia and the near abroad leave vehicles with our products.

A considerable source of income PKF “FITOFARM” is the preparation of vegetable raw materials for further sales of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and even food companies, enterprises and foreign partners. Production and commercial company “FITOFARM” is an active participant of foreign trade activity: in 15 countries it has its counterparties. Successfully work “FITOFARM” with the companies of neighboring countries – Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania.

Fruitful cooperation of the company been established with companies of far-abroad countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Albania, Egypt, China, and even such exotic for Russia countries as Indonesia and Vietnam.

The geography of cooperation is due to the fact that the majority of enterprises, materiaaleista the Soviet Union medicinal herbs on an industrial scale, after the collapse of the Soviet Union found themselves outside of Russia. Many successful last production are unable to adapt to new market relations and ceased to exist. Because of the lack of raw materials for Russian pharmaceutical factories today is compensated at the expense of foreign partners. All the raw materials, which comes to “FITOFARM” is subjected to multiple strict control, both by state bodies of control and Supervisory services of the enterprise. Before you get for recycling and become a certified medical product, the raw material passes through radiology, phytosanitary, chemical, component control. It’s not the whole list of tests and inspections, which subject the raw material base of the company. Similar a hard to say re, the control output to the pharmacological market in Russia is all the finished products of the enterprise. You can be sure that the drugs “FITOFARM” meet all quality standards. And that compares favorably to herbs, my grandmother traded in the markets, and entrepreneurs in the small stores.

Further development of PKF “FITOFARM” and connects with the modernization of production basis in accordance with international requirements of GMP standard. And with the development of their own base on the harvesting and cultivation of medicinal raw materials on the territory of Krasnodar, Stavropol regions and the Republic of Adygea. Just now in the village Gostagaevskaya (g-K Anapa) creates a proper base for the cultivation of medicinal raw materials. The project formed and have already started gathering medicinal herbs on the territory of Krasnodar region. Develops techniques that are aimed to attract farmers and farms of the region the cultivation of technologically advanced, highly efficient crops for the medical industry.

More and more people in Russia and the world understands that the treatment of the gifts of nature safer, but because the company’s slogan “FITOFARM”: “Prolong the youth of herbs!” sounds as relevant as ever.