Green tea for health and beauty
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The use of medicinal herbs for hemorrhoids treatment
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The attributes of folk healer

Any people that come into the office folk healer, expect to see bunches of herbs hanging on the walls, various sized bottles of drugs, and various mysterious objects, like pendulums, crystal balls, magic amulets. It with one hand. On the other hand, paradoxically, it is this atmosphere and deters potential customers or patients.

First, the long period of planting in our country atheism and materialism lodged in the minds of citizens a strong belief in the impossibility of any “wonders”, even if it has a logical justification. Many people simply reject all that cannot see, hear, feel.

Secondly, the abuse of magical and healing attributes of numerous charlatans discredited as her and non-traditional methods of healing at all.

What to do if you are a talented bio-energy therapist or healer is hereditary, but, unlike the scammers who build a business on the suffering of the people, can’t get enough a vast clientele?

Folk healing as a business

Many in our country still cringe at the word “business”. Especially when it comes to medicine, and especially about folk healing.They say it’s a sin to make money on the misfortunes of people.

And what exactly does this word mean? Business English — business. Yes, it’s a foreign word, but it specifies quite well Russian is a broader concept. So what’s so bad about to make his life what God given you special talents and abilities? It would be a shame just to bury them or use them only occasionally and unselfishly, reserving most of his life on the earnings of other, more traditional, way.

So, if you have extraordinary ability, extensive knowledge in the field of folk methods of healing, it is healing you have to earn a living. Or his need to be treated like a business. We have to take care of advertising, increase clientele, expand and enhance their business.

Traditional healing in pace with the times

How to attract customers, jaded quack “magical rituals” and wanting to demonstrate the effectiveness of the treatment? The traditional healer may come of modern science. To visualize the result of the energy of the impact could the aura camera .

Posting in his office a point of Photographing the aura and energy centers, you will be able to provide patients with objective diagnostic results before and after treatment, as well as to earn additional income. A pleasant side effect will be an increase in clientele at the expense of those who simply want to photograph the aura. And some of them certainly will want to increase your energy, balance your chakras, and then come and re-diagnosis. After all, to hear from folk healer: “it’s okay” is one thing, but to see myself in the halo shining, continuous, and dense aura, compare it to what it was before treatment — it is quite another.

Thus, you will be expanding the correction of the aura. And now, to cope with the influx of visitors, you’ll definitely need an assistant, or rather “Assistant” — the instrument of light and sound brain stimulation. Those of your customers who still have more confidence in technology than the limitless possibilities of man, willing to take the opportunity to have a session of relaxation or optimization of energy, and can be, and get this nifty and useful thing for yourself. There goes another direction of expansion of business implementation of simulators for emotions.

Traditional healing should not die because of the unruliness of charlatans and excessive modesty of the true healers, initiated into the secrets of ancestors and gifted with special abilities. Non-traditional methods of medicine need to retain, develop and improve using the achievements of modern science.

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