Diagnosis and healing
Many of you, my dear readers, have heard about the wonders of yogic diagnosis and healing. Many of you have seen and heard of miracles "TV magicians" like Kashpirovsky. But…

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In Aktau, traditional healers and mages are most likely scams
Healers, psychics and magicians are charlatans and do not have any powers. Some of these fraudsters manage to trick into possession of a large sum of money, up to a…

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Folk medicine: myth or salvation

Among our generation is now much less healthy people than it was ever before. Today many chronic diseases, including related diseases. They accompany us from an early age, and we are not to blame, it’s the way we were born. But there are those who believe that all the fault of civilization with its progress that is destroying not only us but also our environment. They believe that the main problem is the medication, namely the abuse of them.

Folk medicine — that is to say, the industry of scientific medicine, which contains a lot of knowledge about different diseases and their treatment methods. They were gathered for centuries, from generation to generation by our ancestors.

Before traditional medicine was no different from the traditional one as now. The term “traditional medicine” was invented by German doctors and scientists. They noticed the relation to the health of the population, and the treatment that they are subjected to. This includes the sorcery, and even magic. It was, so to say, treatment of natural resources and beliefs. Also used hygiene, and standard and traditional medicine. Hence, the term “traditional medicine” meant to represent the population of all diseases and their treatment. But traditional medicine scientists and was not accepted, because they were adherents of the scientific approach, and the fact that they could not explain – was considered abnormal. And eventually this term began to be perceived as something questionable,not credible.

Currently no one recommended to refer to traditional medicine and to self-medicate because it is considered unsafe and ineffective or almost ineffective. Studies have shown that almost all healers no medical training, and some are even thought to be mentally deranged.

Before, long ago, traditional medicine was very popular. Many medicine men and healers used herbs, and its use was most common. They were made of medicated ointments and compresses. The people of Egypt when even opium is used for medicinal purposes. And Tibetan medicine have worked wonders: it said that there is no such substance in nature, which would not be useful to man for therapeutic purposes.

Hygiene in those days marked the beginning of modern scientific hygiene, and the knowledge about it that has evolved and been enriched over the centuries. Measures for hygiene were legalized for the first time the owners of slaves. Tibetan medicine is more focused on therapeutic human exposure air, nature, sunlight, and hygiene they preferred sleep, reasonable food and, of course, cleanliness.

All the knowledge of folk medicine, which has gathered for centuries, were depicted in the works of Greek physicians Galen, Hippocrates, and many others. In classic medicine, there are a lot of resources, taken from folk medicine. One of these is acupuncture. Also caesarean section and is now very popular among the peoples of Africa. Such examples are a great many.

If we assume that our country, and we have: wormwood is used for feverish condition, birch SAP — in the treatment of purulent wounds, the ash is used in the disease scurvy.