Several unusual methods of treatment of tinnitus — noise or ringing in the ears
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Alternative medicine
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The beneficial properties of guarana

Today’s guest blogger in the first place, most famous lovers of energy drinks that have become very popular as a coffee substitute and basically contain guarana extract, which due to its tonic properties, used since ancient times in their homeland, in South America. Initially have a positive impact, guarana in combination with other components of energy drinks gives a completely different result and not as useful as the original product, which will be today’s story. The beneficial properties of guarana . open before the arrival of colonialists, was widely used by the local population as a medicinal restorative and tonic, making him a drink.

High tonic properties of guarana primarily attributed to higher content of natural caffeine, which has an impact stronger than coffee, and most importantly does not lead to addiction. The popularity of this product in South America and now is so great that it can be found not only in domestic kitchens, but in public places, surrounded by many varieties of teas and coffees.

Among the useful substances contained in guarana are guaranine in addition, the properties are similar to caffeine, vitamins A, b and E, alkaloids and tannins. As a means of folk medicine, guarana is well proven as a product for weight control, improve obmanivaet, tonic to revitalize the brain and nervous system. Guarana is also very common as a reducing agent after long and grueling workouts.

Famous recipes use it as well as the reducing of product with digestive disorders and diarrhoea. It is very important role contained in the plant tannins. Enhancements are also due to the normalization of metabolism, so we get more energy, and consumed food not stored in our body in the form of excess internal fat, prevent including normal blood flow to the internal organs of our body.

Guarana is particularly useful as a tonic with such widespread, especially in big cities in people with a sedentary lifestyle disease called chronic fatigue syndrome.

Improved metabolism has an impact on the brain as a strong tonic due to better supply the energy he needed.

Together with the transformation of excess fat in the internal life energy guarana also helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body, which is especially important for the circulatory system and cleansing toxins from heavy metals that accumulate in our intestines. This contributes to the rich content in guarana such a component as potassium, providing and improving on the cardiovascular system.

Speaking about losing weight with the help of guarana not superfluous to emphasize that while our body is saturated with useful components contained in the plant. A special role in this process is exerted by the compounds of magnesium, calming the nervous system.

Recipes of traditional medicine in South America use guarana as a natural aphrosidiac and offers the feeling of relaxation, increased release of adrenaline and happiness.

This precious product from the distant South America, however, and requires special precautions. You first need to adjust the duration of the use of guarana and dosage. If too large portions and long-term use of guarana already starts to have a depressing effect on the nervous system and the body’s blood circulation.

In diseases of the heart and the nervous system the consumption of guarana is not recommended in principle.