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Garden of herbs
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Medicinal plants: how to build a therapeutic flower bed in his garden?

Residents of this amazing Crimean village not sick. Even banal colds are a rarity, age and ailments catch up with people later than usual. The secret is in the special local dining. It is no coincidence that the village is called Drug. It is located in Crimea, in a protected area, away from busy roads, big cities and large enterprises.

Around 500 ha of grow solely medicinal plants – more than 30 different species (sage, chamomile, motherwort, mint, lemon balm, marshmallow, Echinacea, etc.).

The secret of vigor

“Even if the morning Wake up with a headache or blocked nose, standing out on the porch – all ailments removes a hand”, – tells the inhabitant of the village of Anna Solodkin . For the past 55 years she has been the most hard work – planting, weeding, collection and processing plants. But in spite of this, a pension out only 75 years, still continues go out in the field teaches the intricacies of working youth.

These sprightly pensioners in Drug – mass. They worked all life on earth, in their native state farm, the largest enterprise for the production of medicinal plants in Europe. Established in

1944, this farm has not only survived in difficult times, when agronomist received a salary of $ 5.5. but grew into a thriving enterprise. Today its products buy pharmaceutical plants in Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, France,Spain, the Baltic States. “In Europe, already tired of the chemicals, there is now the fashion for organic products, – says Sergey Kutko, candidate of biological Sciences, head of the LLC “Philosophos “rainbow” . And nothing natural there. Therefore, our raw materials are in demand by manufacturers of drugs”.

Many believe that the most useful plants grow in natural conditions. “Actually medicinal herbs actively absorb harmful substances from the soil and from the air, says Cristina Telephone, main agronomist of state farm . –

Therefore, it is very important that near the land was not fields that can be processed by chemical means from weeds, between the roads and field were protective strip, but the plot didn’t grow alkaloid plants (these include 8 species of ubiquitous weeds). Therefore, our products undergo the strictest control for safety”.

Herbs from local fields is not only safer but also more efficient. Agronomists years output varieties of medicinal herbs with a high content of healing essential oils. This wisdom is not taught in the institutions, practices passed on from generation to generation.

First new species of plants grown in the experimental area, will test different versions of weeding and watering, and then, if the experiment admits a good, planted in a large field. So, in “the Rainbow” brought a fundamentally new type mint – mint spiked. It to order more essential oils and nutrients than the peppermint.

By the way, the villagers Medicinal products of his farm to always try for yourself. Taste black tea here don’t even know – only drink medicinal teas of own production, as a condiment using their same spices (release 8 species), even balms instead for blonde hair use infusions of chamomile and brunette – sage.

Infographics AiF

On the field – with a smile

Now the village is experiencing a new program – grow herbs in a good mood. Experiments conducted in a major European institutes, showed that if a person goes on the field with a positive attitude, with a smile on his face, he gives positive energy to plants. This in turn produces raw materials, medical

properties which is 2 times higher than that of plants grown gloomy farmers. “Therefore, our raw materials and great demand, – says Ivan Sobolevsky, 37 years worked in the farm agronomist. – After all to work on our land and it is impossible not to smile”.

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