To cure the disease of old age is futile
For the development of cancer drugs spent millions of dollars. And therapy these drugs prolongs the life of such people only on average 7 months. Why is this happening? Because…

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PTOSIS of the STOMACH and STOMACH CRAMPS - folk remedies treatment
In reference books I couldn't find any information about plants that are used for prolapse of the stomach. I have a few recipes gleaned from the experience of other herbalists.…

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In Aktau, traditional healers and mages are most likely scams

Healers, psychics and magicians are charlatans and do not have any powers. Some of these fraudsters manage to trick into possession of a large sum of money, up to a million tenge and more. This was at the briefing on 8 April, said the Prosecutor of Aktau Talgat Alibaev.

He stressed that in the field of alternative medicine scams today no less than, for example, in the field of housing.

– Today often it is possible to see the advertisement, including a running line on local TV, about the services of folk healers of different colours. They offer to remove the damage, evil eye, promises growth in career to bring in good luck and so on. How can they not call the magicians, astrologers, biocorrectors, eniopsychology. Amazes imagination and the variety of ways and methods of getting rid of ailments, such advertising can be seen and Greek, and Romanian, and Gypsy methods of treatment. Most likely, these names come up for the sound quality, effect, and people are willing to believe anything. In the end, and losing money, and from disease not get, – says the Prosecutor of Aktau Talgat Alibaev.

According to the Prosecutor, to prove fraud not easy, but law enforcement agencies managed to bring the case to court. The so-called folk healer citizen K. stratigraphy criminal case after swindled other people’s money. According to the materials of the case, K. learned about the disease of a certain inhabitant of Aktau and convinced a woman that is a folk healer since 2012. Having caught a victim after the bait, the con artist promised her “open road” and to cure diseases, for which the victim gave 1 million 21 thousand tenge. Realizing that we are talking about the Scam, the victim contacted the police. Investigators were able to prove the guilt of K. and she was convicted by the city court to three years of imprisonment conditionally.

According to the Prosecutor, unfortunately, even criminal proceedings related to mages and healers, not stopped many people from the habit to address to them.

– People not alarming and the fact that healers are always asked to pay for treatment immediately, otherwise the healing from ailments, may not take place. The arrogance and assertiveness – the nature of these “experts”, – says Talgat Alibaev.

In his words, the victims of such charlatans be poorly educated or totally uneducated people, and cashing these scammers. Often, these psychics and magicians require large sums for their services. In the logic case, prosecutors say, the more people paid for the session, the less he wants to believe that he threw money to the wind.