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Russian tourist died in Peru from the shamans drink

January 7, representatives of law enforcement bodies of the Republic of Peru . said the death of a Russian tourist .

The dead body of a man found in a hotel room at the Platinum Palace in the district of Wanchaq Peruvian province of Cusco . Deceased citizen of Russia was called, according to preliminary information, Alex or Alexander Nikolaev.

– The death of a tourist has come about January 3, – commented on the tragedy, the representative of the local Prosecutor’s office, a specialist in working with tourists Manuel Mayorga .- The man was about 32 years old. In room 406 of Platinum Palace in Cuzco he moved on 3 January. Most likely, the same day he died. As far as we know, the man was going to go in the ancient Peruvian city of Machu Picchu . The exact cause of death is not yet known, but the body of the deceased Russian hasn’t found any damage.

According to local media reports, the Russian tourist Nikolaev has used one local drink that shamans use in carrying out various rituals.

Ayahuasca is a decoction that has a strong psychoactive effect. Probably, the tourist is poisoned this powerful tool. It is also noted that near the body found a syringe with an unknown substance. It is not excluded that the deceased could take drugs.

However, another version, the Russian tourist was a drug addict and near his body, the staff found the syringe.

Reliable information about the details of the death of our compatriot currently don’t have. The Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Russian Consulate in Lima is not yet give any comments about the incident.

EXPERT commentary

Anastasia Vidisheva, p russkoyazychnyy representative of the center of shamanism in Peru “blue Morpho”, guide and translator:

– I first settled in Peru and became acquainted with the healing medicine of the jungle three years ago. Having experienced the amazing healing power, I was impressed with this ancient shamanic ceremony and is happy to arrange tours in this extraordinary country. As to the case with the tourist, if he died from this drink, then most likely it’s his own fault. After all, before the ritual of taking a sacred broth you need to follow a special diet and is under the supervision of experienced shamans. Besides, the shaman himself assigns the appropriate portion of the freshly prepared beverage. Because herbal remedy has a powerful effect, so oneself can’t count on the portions. These basic safety rules people should follow and when conventional drugs or biological additives.

A sacred plant of the Amazon, Ayahuasca is recognized as a national heritage of Peru. The Institute of culture of that country, the international organization of shamans, and even the Ministry of health stated that the traditional knowledge of healers and shamans, as well as the use of Ayahuasca for medical purposes is considered a cultural treasure. These ceremonies are the Foundation of the culture of the Amazonian tribes and the ancient Incas.

Note that shaman’s broth has a medicinal value for humans – it is often used as immunostimulator.

The basis of the sacred drink is a strong decoction of tropical Ayahuaska vine or Banisteriopsis Caapi . The stalks of the plant soaked in hot water, then add a small quantity of the decoction of other herbs. This concoction gives a psychedelic effect, from which the person loses the ability to navigate in space and to perceive the world around us. Peruvian shamans carefully used a decoction of medical and psychological health problems, awareness and spirituality.

It should be noted that in Russia , the U.S. and Europe, some of the ingredients of Peruvian shamanic potions are banned .