Green tea for health and beauty
Green tea I deeply respect, and "Ahmad" especially... About the benefits of drinking this healthy drink there is no sense here for the millionth time to repeat... Today I want…

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Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam
Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, in the Eastern part of the Indochina Peninsula. Its coastline is simply gorgeous. It's mostly white sandy beaches. Vietnam beautifully combines coastal plains to…

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Feline aristocracy, dogs who treat people sapindus and other Kipsala

Spring comes, the nature revives and brings good news for those who love our little brothers — 21st and 22nd March in Kipsala will host an exhibition of Pets and zoo industry PetExpo 2015. Families with children and everyone who loves animals, look forward to seeing hundreds of cats, dogs, other domestic and exotic animals, exciting shows and rides!

Beautiful dogs

Big and small, furry and gladkosherstnye, vigilant guards and hunters, or just companions and loyal family friends — so variety will be presented to the dog at the exhibition “PetExpo 2015”. For two days visitors will be able to see more than three thousand representatives of 210 species. Participants will include sapindus and Majorcan bulldog (CA De Bou), and it’s not the most exotic! On It will gather dogs from France, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia… just from 14 different countries. Dog lovers will be able to observe not only unprecedented in Latvia rocks, but the lessons of obedience, performances, circus stunts and other events. In addition, each exhibition day will end with a colourful show by definition the most beautiful of the beautiful horses of various breeds.

Dogs who treat children

Annually the exhibition with special warmth welcomes families with children. This year with young audience will act the group, which brings together the peace-loving and friendly dogs who treat children. While rediculious to find out for what purpose and how is it used canistherapy, children can meet and play with specially trained for this purpose four-legged friends. Experiencing warm emotions from communicating with affectionate and friendly animals, children will be able naprygatsya on inflatable rides that will operate both days of the show!

Those who prefer cats, can see in Kipsala more than 300 representatives of 22 species, including such rare and unusual as the Kuril Bobtail, Selkirk Rex cat and the other aristocracy. On the first day of the exhibition the visitors will enjoy the show of black cats, show, long-haired and hairless cats, and the second show Burmese and Himalayan cats, or color-points. Both days of the exhibition kittens and adult cats will fight in the ring for the title of winner. Each day will end with a contest “best of the Best” for the title of winner of the day among kittens, juniors and adult cats. In parallel, various competitions and shows can be to watch a kitten and even to agree on its purchase!

Fluffy bunnies and other

Pet can be not only a cat or a dog, so visitors to the exhibition “PetExpo 2015” will be able to see many other living creatures: large and small birds, rabbits of varying degrees of fluffiness, rodents, a variety of exotic animals, reptiles and even insects. Some of these creatures never before in Kipsala not visited. What they are called and where are they located? The organizers promise to reveal it soon!

Everything you need healthy and happy animals

Parallel to the exhibitions of dogs and cats visitors will find an extensive exposition of the goods and services of the zoo industry. Everyone at attractive prices will be able to buy food for various animals, vitamins, kits to care for their Pets, cages, variety of accessories and toys. Here you can get tips and expert advice on how to include, what to feed and where to treat your pet.

Photographic exhibition “Across continents”

Visitors of the exhibition will give an unprecedented opportunity to see the exhibition of works of member of the Union of journalists of Latvia, the International Union of journalists and the Union of Pictorialists of Latvia, international FCI expert Rita Kadike-Skadina “Through the continents”, where will be presented in landscape pictures and pictures of dogs.