Medicine is better - traditional or folk?
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Nail fungus: the treatment of folk remedies
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The use of medicinal plants in everyday life

Every family probably has a home first aid kit containing the drugs and medicines necessary for rendering medical first aid in case of some acute diseases and accidents, as well as the drugs used for a long period of time as prescribed by a physician, patients who have chronic diseases. Among these drugs there are plants and plant preparations, which are prepared at home medications.

To cost to notice that some plants, though, and are in their dry state, retain their healing properties for many months and even years, allowing them to stock up.

Plants that are included in the State Pharmacopoeia, a pharmacy is called. Medicinal plants, which are not included in this publication, under certain conditions, can be applied in medical practice. With the emergence of more effective means part of the previous doctors plants of this type the actions lose their meaning in medical practice (cease to apply). In parallel, there is the process of increasing Arsenal of scientific medicine herbs and plants, coming from traditional medicine, and, so to say,new plants, about the healing properties which have not been known previously.

Popularity of curative properties of medicinal plants is quite large, and their use is not limited to the presence in the Pharmacopoeia. Among them there are many other medicinal properties which, are scientifically proven.

Their use for the treatment safely at home is possible if they are surely recognized by the distinctive Botanical characteristics, collected on time i.e. when they have the drugs.

If in doubt, you should consult a professional pharmacists and botanists.

You cannot apply medicinal plants, as well as other remedies, on the recommendations of ignorant quacks.

Some of them can’t even properly establish the diagnosis and the cause of the disease, to determine individual characteristics of the patient, etc. can All lead to significant deterioration in the health of the patient. Usually, such “healers” have no medical training, are unfamiliar with the chemical composition of medicinal herbs and plants, pharmacological mechanism of their effects on the human body.

They don’t know the harmful and dangerous effects of their recommended treatment. Sometimes, they prescribe herbs and plants, and their derivatives, which possess many medicinal properties, many of themselves are poisonous, with a little cooked overdose of these drugs can cause worsening of the disease or lead to poisoning.

This same danger exists in some of the recommendations of folk medicine, if used without medical supervision. Solely a doctor can accurately determine the disease, the assessment of the course and its development, to appoint necessary treatment and medicines.

In this regard, medicinal herbs and plants should be used only after consultation of the attending physician or his counsel.