Diagnosis and healing
Many of you, my dear readers, have heard about the wonders of yogic diagnosis and healing. Many of you have seen and heard of miracles "TV magicians" like Kashpirovsky. But…

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Several unusual methods of treatment of tinnitus — noise or ringing in the ears
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Traditional healers

Oleg Kondrat is a hereditary healer with 20 years of experience. His bioenergy and psychic abilities are tested and confirmed by scientists.

The healer specializes in traditional healing methods and is a practicing psychologist.

Oleg Kondrat has worked with a wide range of issues, always coming to the aid of those who suffer:

diagnoses of the body

helps to improve the body and get rid of many diseases. cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, neuroses, inflammations, asthma, depression, disorders of female genital sphere, etc.

psychological problem

restores energy, vitality stamina

Unique abilities of Oleg Kondrat were confirmed by scientists of the laboratory for scientific substantiation of traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment of Federal Scientific Clinical-Experimental Center of the Ministry of Health. There is an official conclusion. Contains a wealth of documentary medical evidence of treatment outcomes Kondrat, which can be found in our Center.

Unfortunately, often it also happens that traditional medicine is not always able to cope with the disease. There are many chronic diseases, the development of which, of course, can be suppressed by using medicines, but izbavitsia from the ailment forever is impossible. Why is this happening?

The fact that many chronic diseases and ailments associated with constant malaise, depression, sleep disorders and many other unpleasant symptoms, often unassociated with heredity or with improper lifestyle. This is the result of accumulated negative energy, and to provide effective assistance in such cases can only be healers .

Every day we encounter dozens of stressful situations. Travel in a crowd of people in public transport, dissatisfaction with colleagues, nerves… the person with the strongest energy may not notice any change in his health. But if energy is released – a person gets sick. Over time, the situation is getting worse, and now instead of a constant discomfort in your hands – a statement from a doctor about chronic illness.

What to do?

You can try to treat the disease conventional medical remedies, you can try traditional recipes, but you can consult the healers . to identify the underlying cause of the disease, will help to strengthen your energy field, to gain confidence, to be in harmony with yourself and subsequently not subjected to negative influences. Healers Centre “Magic Power” – specialists with a unique gift – have already helped to many people. Rest assured that at our Center, necessary assistance will be provided to You.

Our healers use their unique methods, You will regain your good spirits and good health . freeing You from old diseases that traditional medicine has recognized that chronic.

Manual therapy, massage, unique technique that has survived to our days from ancient times… Believe me, our healers will be able to find the real key to Your recovery and well-being.