Ancient Egyptian medicine.
In ancient Egyptian temples, the priests treated the mutations that were identified at that time those who emigrated from Atlantis. History of medicine ancient Egypt is striking in its perfection.…

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Gastrointestinal diseases, traditional methods of treatment
How to make your skin elastic and toned at home. Elastic skin is a dream of every woman, which, fortunately, is easily achievable even at home. Radiant youth and beauty…

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Aloe Vera

Homeland-Africa, in the wild it grows in semi-deserts of Africa and India. Common plant on the territory of Ukraine in the open ground, grow (grow) in the subtropical zone. In greenhouses are grown in greenhouses, greenhouses, dwellings, etc.

Botanical characteristics

The root system is fibrous.

The stem is derevyanie, circle.

The leaves are green, succulent, alternate, sword-shaped-oblong, fleshy, with a waxy coating and thorny edge. Upper side of the leaf concave, the lower convex. The edges of the sheet rightobject with spikes.

Orange flowers, collected in the brush high floral arrows.

Fruit – topograhy almost cylindrical box.

Seeds are grayish black, irregularly triangular.

The active substance

The aloe plant contains a bitter glycoside compounds, organic acids, resins, tannins, essential oils, vitamins and enzymes.

Directions of use

In medicine, the use of Mature leaves and the juice of them as a laxative and cholagogue, with the weakening of view, chronic gastritis with low acidity, acute rhinitis, zakaulki in the nose to increase stability organizirati of infectious diseases, for the treatment of burns, purulent wounds, herpes, trophic ulcers, tuberculosis. The plant has bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties. Sabur – evaporated, condensed and hardened juice of worshio used for different types of constipation, to improve digestion, stimulate appetite, etc. For the purpose of protection of plants used for seed treatment against a range of pathogens.

Biological features

A perennial evergreen, heat-loving plant, it is propagated by young shoots or tips of stems.

Technical parameters of cultivation

General characteristics and place in the rotation. For growing use pound with a neutral or slightly acid reaction. In the subtropics or the closed ground (greenhouses, hothouses) aloe place after a couple. When grown in pots or containers, fill them with organic fertilizers enriched the soil.

Main and pre-sowing period. Main processing of the soil in enclosed spaces is a thorough digging. Pre-plant cultivation shall ensure that grinding, leveling and loosening soil.

Boarding period.

Time – over a year in the Royal greenhouses.

Method is wide row, row spacing – 70 cm, the distance in the row – 20-30 cm

The normal landing – an average of 4 plants on 1 running. m, or one in one pot.

Plant care involves regular loosening the soil, weeding in between rows, watering and fertilizing.


Harvested raw materials-sheets a minimum length of 15 cm.

Terms of service – as-leaves and demand for raw materials.

The method of assembling the cutting off the leaves manually.

Raw materials are Packed in boxes with holes for ventilation and sent to factories for processing fresh.

Fresh leaves should be kept a few days in a shaded and well-ventilated areas.