Alternative medicine
Traditional medicine is based on traditions and experience, which have survived from the ancient times. Especially effective are traditional methods of Oriental medicine of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Many methods…

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The use of medicinal plants in everyday life
Every family probably has a home first aid kit containing the drugs and medicines necessary for rendering medical first aid in case of some acute diseases and accidents, as well…

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Medicine is better – traditional or folk?

For a healthy person this question is not relevant, but what to do for the patient?

Where to go for help?

Now traditional medicine has made a big step forward, but traditional medicine does not cease to be popular in any country of the world.

Everywhere people are trying to find the first recipes of traditional medicine, in order to fill the smaller body chemistry.

For example: in Africa find a pharmacy or doctor’s just much more complicated than that of a shaman. And in China generally find the difference between traditional and folk medicine is almost impossible.

For the world Health Organization ( who), traditional medicine is presented as therapeutic procedures are performed with the use of plant, animal and mineral resources. As well as the special procedures, physical exercises, application of knowledge for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various types of diseases. As implied by the who, folk medicine should help to improve the quality of life.

According to who, in developing countries, traditional medicine has always been very popular, but in first world countries begins to gain a leading position. Judge for yourself: in China, 50% of all medicinal products prepared according to ancient recipes of herbs. In Africa, over 60% of births take shamans, but not skilled birth attendants. According to statistics, about 50 % of the population of Europe and America polzovalas the treatment of diseases of folk remedies.

But in Germany, folk medicine has captured the hearts of more than 80% of the population!

Here the doctors take courses in folk medicine. But all yogurts are equally useful?

Is it always the right medicine, or has its pitfalls in this course?

Yes, faith in the success of treatment is a tremendous strength. But, suppose a new drug is tested for years, but the new recipe is the use of any herbs in the treatment of the disease can undermine her favor at all if it is not confirmed knowledge.

So, for example, because of application of incorrectly prepared remedies for weight loss Chinese ephedra ( chvojnica) in the United States killed dozens of people, and in Belgium, nearly 100 people applied to the hospital with renal failure developing.

Most of the tools who uses folk medicine, is not held, and hardly in the near future will be tested in a clinical setting!

The number of different drugs is several times higher than official drugs!

But in spite of the skeptics, some techniques used by folk medicine, are clinically tested and proven, according to who. For example, is doing quite well acupuncture.

You can almost localize the pain of any nature that traditional medicine and is doing great even in the treatment of minor mental disorders!

And most importantly, no side effects reported!

Or another example: using a annual wormwood Chinese traditional medicine effectively combats severe forms of malaria, not inferior to expensive drugs!

Since 2002, the who decided to support shamans, sorcerers, healers, etc., whose expertise the national medicine widely applies in practice. The goal of this program is simple, learning the lessons of traditional healers, and significantly improve the quality of life of the population, and attempt to find new means to combat such diseases as AIDS, diabetes, etc.

And to improve the quality of care physicians. They have conducted training courses of folk methods of treatment that take place in China, Mongolia, Vietnam. Who becomes logical.

See for yourself: in developing countries traditional medicine is very few people can afford, therefore the treatment is in the power of traditional medicine because of its availability, and most importantly — great efficiency!

And in countries such as China, Philippines, Vietnam, traditional medicine is part of the health care system, and this is already a guarantee of success!

Well, everyone is free to make a decision: either to go to the hospital to see a doctor or visit a traditional healer. The most important thing is to be healthy!