Expedition to the shaman healers
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Medicine of ancient Egypt
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Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam

Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, in the Eastern part of the Indochina Peninsula. Its coastline is simply gorgeous. It’s mostly white sandy beaches. Vietnam beautifully combines coastal plains to mountain ranges.

“Nam” means “South land” — it is because in ancient times the ancestors of the Vietnamese lived slightly North of modern Vietnam and accordingly called it South.

Ho Chi Minh city – the capital of Vietnam. Be sure to visit this amazing place. There are many historical monuments, beautiful natural scenery and fun shopping at the Central city market where you can buy a variety of products.

Vietnam is a country with a rich culture. Here to interlace together four of the greatest trends in religion (Taoism,

Confucianism, Christianity and Buddhism) and philosophy. It is based on them and formed the spiritual life of Vietnamese. Real Vietnam is the ancient temple complexes of unknown civilizations and natural beauty of national parks and of course healthy and tasty food. You can enjoy exotic dishes of the national cuisine.

The unique climate allows you to go to Vietnam at any time of the year. Comfortable will feel here themselves,those

who can not tolerate heat or very humid weather. At any time of the year, the average humidity is about 80%.

All areas are dry or rainy seasons, so Vietnam tours to the North of the country it is better to buy from may to June and from September to October, to the South from December to April, in area of Nha Trang from June to October, and in a neighborhood of da lat from December to March, and then the rest will be just wonderful!

Various resorts of Viet Nam will satisfy all the needs of tourists. Outdoor enthusiasts will find the opportunity to go diving, surfing, and relaxing holiday can spend your holiday in privacy.

Stay here versatile and will suit everyone. You can visit the puppet theater, to plunge into the world of music and dance, learn the art of painting on silk to make many excursions to places of interest, spend time at the amazing beauty of the sandy beaches, to climb in thickets of tropical forests and jungles.

A wonderful beach vacation with the kids – resort Phan Thiet.As gorgeous beaches it is famous resort of Nha Trang.

Unique attractions, famous Marble mountains, formed Islands attract tourists in the resort of da Nang. For those who are interested in entertainment it is better to go to Hanoi. All resorts in Vietnam offer tourists not only excursions, but also a comfortable accommodation in hotels high level of service.

The country is also attractive to admirers of nonconventional medicine. Many skilled healers, show your skills and teach you to use the useful properties of the plants.

Affordable and quality service, great hotels, historical monuments and natural attractions – all this can be said about Vietnam. Holidays in Vietnam can be combined with excursions to Laos and Cambodia.

Stay in this wonderful country will give You an unforgettable experience!