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Medicine of ancient Egypt

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The most ancient medicine originated in Egypt before our era. This is what we learn from historic notes on the papyrus, surprising, because to date, mankind has not solved many mysteries of ancient Egypt. According to Egyptian doctors were very smart. Also it can be noted that the Egyptian people are one of the few who knew the connection between the heart and the pulse. Very interesting, because the author of the ancient “papyrus Smith” had a cardiovascular system of a man, though, and thought it useless to know something about blood vessels, tendons and nerves. It is impossible not to notice that many medical practices have been completed successfully, for example surgery: it was the Egyptians put into procedure surgery washing of bodies and their razor, this way you can prevent the infection in the human body.

They are one of the first warned that eating raw foods is injurious to health. It is interesting to note that the first medication in Egypt were either ineffective or harmful, such as: they contain the manure or mould, of course some of them had healing properties,but some and a serious threat to health.

Dentistry was developed at a low level. The teeth of the Egyptians were very damaged due to the hard grain, often dental disease could cause the death of many people. Very interesting, because the first description of the brain was written exactly this people. It is also worth noting that the Egyptians were the only people at the time who did the mummification of human rights, many mummies have survived to the present day.

Wonderful, beautiful Egypt, carries a lot of unknown secrets. The people who opened the first medical drugs, and understand the structure of a human being, thanks to their records – mankind has learned a lot in the field of medicine.

“Healing and medicine in Ancient Greece”. 1st lecture

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