The history of Apothecary gardens in Russia
The oldest form of medicinal plant cultivation in Russia were monastic gardens, some of which, along with the cultivation of vegetables was also planted the garden "selinah herbs". Appeared in…

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Ancient Egyptian medicine.
In ancient Egyptian temples, the priests treated the mutations that were identified at that time those who emigrated from Atlantis. History of medicine ancient Egypt is striking in its perfection.…

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Treatment of runny nose at home

It so happened that under the treatment of rhinitis at home, we mean the use of traditional medicine, while in the treatment of drug drugs use the term “treatment of rhinitis” without reference to the terrain. At closer look, it all looks a bit crazy, but it happened, and not for us to break this tradition.

Before to start consideration of folk (home) remedies for getting rid of the common cold, of which there are now an incredible amount, I would like to draw attention to something.

All existing folk remedies for the treatment of rhinitis can be divided into three categories:

1. “True folk” – those who came to us having passed the crucible of the centuries preserved in folk memory. This is the most safe and effective methods to counteract the cold. They have a huge statistical sample among the many previous generations that helped to weed out all the unnecessary and keep the most effective.

2. “Home” – formed in conditions of deficiency of variety of medicines in the era of the USSR. They were passed from mouth to mouth, at work, on the phone, during an unexpected meeting on the street, were recorded in special notebooks, sometimes supplemented by personal findings. They also have high efficiency and safety.

3. “Modern” is proposed, through the Internet, the housewife imagines sivaguru folk medicine. These funds can be found on various forums, comments to articles and websites on General subjects. Often, this kind of “homework”, never even auditioned by the authors themselves, as a result of their “understanding” methods of dealing with cold. They rarely anything useful and can be dangerous.

Considering all the above, we have tried to select tools for the treatment of rhinitis at home from the first category. Possible practical benefits they will bring, because no detailed instructions for the preparation, but it will bring to the understanding of the differences between true and pseudo-folk folk remedies.

Oldest “home” recipes from around the world

1. Traditional Chinese medicine is known all over the world. The Chinese themselves, in their majority, prefer the traditional methods of treatment. The proposed tincture is the most popular remedy for relief of nasal congestion. It includes: menthol, camphor, Astragalus, eucalyptus. peppermint and lavender.

2. The Japanese, as soon as the cold made itself felt, before going to sleep, wrapping her in a warm blanket, drink Amagasaki – sake break a single egg. If the next morning it did not help, then within days accepted: umeboshi baked plums, infusion of a mixture of grated ginger with sugar and spicy green tea.

3. In South America its methods of treatment of rhinitis at home whose roots date back to the Mayans. This was done to Sasha (snuff pad) on the basis of crushed garlic, crushed nutmeg and Bay leaf. Also, during illness, health garlic soups and piles drinks based on honey and pepper.

4. The indigenous people of North America, to counteract the runny nose and the common cold used a decoction of the soft part of the bark of the dogwood, as well as teas from the gathering: tobacco, sage and wild cherry leaves.

5. Residents of Scotland, all means prefer the fresh sea air and the warmed rum with mint.

6. In Serbia especially popular for the treatment of rhinitis at home is a caramel drink. It is made from a special Serbian tea, plum liqueur and melted sugar syrup.