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Green tea for health and beauty

Green tea I deeply respect, and “Ahmad” especially… About the benefits of drinking this healthy drink there is no sense here for the millionth time to repeat… Today I want to talk about green tea for beauty of our skin.

A little history of how I came to use green tea for cosmetic purposes. Last year I came across an article in which one the model and actress shared her secrets to prolong beauty and youth. And she said that she steam baths with green tea.

When I purchased the machine for ultrasonic cleaning. before beginning the procedure to make such bath. And I noticed that her skin seemed to glow starts. Words it not to pass. If the baths are done without these leaves, such a pronounced effect from the pill was gone.

And as soon as I learned about the possibility of hydrolate cooking at home . we decided to make it from tea. I was sure that it would fit me perfectly.

I want to thank everyone who wrote on this site about cooking hydrolate at home. Thank you very much!

Long hesitated, thinking that it’s complicated.

Actually my first hydrolat was out of fresh parsley. I really liked it. And as soon as I learned that flower water can be done from a dry raw material,we immediately bought a pack for this Ahmad.

Hydrolat (Hydrosol) is the water condensate, organic, natural remedy, which is obtained by steam distillation of plant raw materials (various herbs, flowers).

Hydrolat is considered the best tonic for the face. It has a slightly acidic, thus:-gently cleanses the skin of impurities;-stimulates the renewal of skin cells; refreshes and smoothes the complexion.

That’s what I am writing about green tea and areas of application, cooked hydrolate:

Green tea has anti-inflammatory action. reducing inflammation of the skin, and, most importantly, suppresses collagenase, the enzyme that destroys collagen in the skin.Thus, the superficial use of green tea improves the health and quantity of collagen, maintaining elasticity and strength of skin…. after continuous use of products with green tea, the skin becomes more elastic.When applied to the skin green tea also has radioprotective properties and reduces the formation of erythema.

– Is an anti-oxidant, slows down aging of the skin – Has astringent and toning properties – reduces swelling and improves microcirculation. Due to the presence of caffeine can be used in the for weight loss and anti-edema.- Anti-aging agent, reduces the appearance of wrinkles In the after sun, soothes skin, eliminates the negative effects of exposure to sunlight.- Effective against pimples.

For those who don’t know, will tell you how to cook hydrolat themselves. And who knows, you may skip this part.

For preparation of this water you need:

– raw materials (herbs, flowers, vegetables) fresh or dried

– water in the ratio 1:5. I have a 100 gram pack of tea, then take a pint of water

– pot with a convex lid. The cover is better to choose without plastic handles or advise her to remove. But I have not removed it, so I wrapped it with foil.