The main aspects of Reiki healing: intuition
One of the main aspects of the work of the healer is Reiki intuition. She is intuition begins to develop at the initiation of the First stage of Reiki and…

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Healing and healers.
You think that only the elect can relieve headache that only they possess this mysterious mission? Generally, if to understand and to conduct open research, only a small portion of…

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Expedition to the shaman healers

Under the leadership of Alfonso Granda – psychologist, psychotherapist and University Professor, specialist accredited in Biodanza. Ericksonian hypnotherapy and family Constellations with extensive experience in the clinical setting. A connoisseur and promoter of folk medicine and ancient Peruvian peoples in the University. The Director of the Biodanza school of Lima – Peru. Ø ANS to interview a real Shaman, besides, if he and the rector of the University San Martin. But in this case, our chances increase dramatically, because to combine University education and clean Peruvian tradition of shamanism that only a person with great aptitude for data synthesis and a broad Outlook on life.

Curandero — shaman -witch with special Magical Knowledge. It is the person who uses the plant as well as animals, solar energy, land and all natural resources, including your own body, to help other people to find peace and calm, relieve pain, and to feel care. We are talking about a man who drives positive forces of body and spirit. Today in Peru there are only a few masters know how to perform this ritual. The others simply are limited to issuance to the participants the minimum dose of plants.

Each natural region has its own magical plant. On the coast, for example, the cactus apuntia cilindrica, he is known as San Pedro. He also has hallucinogenic properties. The Andean region uses a magical plant Coca. But, unfortunately, we all know that it was very poorly used and have done great harm to humanity. Although Amazonian shamans continue to use it as an effective energy tonic and is produced on the basis of the juice of its leaves. Indian women chew Coca leaves during childbirth, to dull the pain. Coca brew it and drink instead of tea: it is a good tonic. The Indians used Coca in rituals, guessing on the leaves, put in a coffin to a dead man. When the young man woos the girl, he gives as a gift to the father of the bride Coca leaves. Sell coke in markets (for weight) and in supermarkets – in disposable bags, like tea. Tourists drink tea with pleasure – exotic! Those who expect extraordinary results, are disappointed: no drugs from “mate de Coca” does not occur.

In Selva we also have the magic plant Ayahuasca. Thus, in each natural region of the country has its own sacred plant. Ayahuasca is a twining Liana that contains the active substance is harmina. It is wonderfully combined with active substances of other plants and produces the cleansing and sometimes awakens the consciousness. The patient, accepting this cleaning agent, after 10-15 minutes starts to feel, which new life arises, controlled by the Teacher.

The shaman descends through the Holy spirit, and his gift is revealed to him. The shaman uses hallucinogens to diagnose disease, to monitor developments and to make contact with the parallel world inhabited by ancestral spirits. Present at this ritual make the transition to the invisible world of spirits.

Part in the ceremony with the shaman -a medicine man. The tour involves quite a strict diet and restrictions. Because the ceremony will be held during the whole tour will need to stick to your diet till the end of all ceremonies associated with the use of power of plants! This is done in order to balance internal opening the flow of energy with the physical body. During the ceremony, the Biodanza session. After completing the exercise, really, everyone will feel an extraordinary burst of energy.