Alternative medicine
Traditional medicine is based on traditions and experience, which have survived from the ancient times. Especially effective are traditional methods of Oriental medicine of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Many methods…

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Green tea for health and beauty
Green tea I deeply respect, and "Ahmad" especially... About the benefits of drinking this healthy drink there is no sense here for the millionth time to repeat... Today I want…

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Alternative medicine

Since ancient times in the homes of wealthy people used Cutlery made of gold. It was not just a thirst for expensive and prestigious products, but also the prevention of gastrointestinal disorders. Positive effects from the use of gold is still not completely explained by scientists and it is believed that the possible application of gold in healing is much broader.

This precious metal enhances the metabolic processes in the body, promotes increased blood flow. Oncologists from the U.S. have a unique tool for the treatment of cancer, comprising implanting a Golden capsules in a cancerous tumor. It should be borne in mind that in any case, the gold can’t hurt, because unlike silver is bio-inert.

The Golden water is very good for the heart muscle, it strengthens the whole body. To make gold you need to take water enamel pan, five hundred milliliters of water and the piece of gold ( no inserts ). The water should be evaporated by a third. Then for three days the pot should be removed in the pantry. Three days later, the product is pulled out. Used Golden water on a teaspoon three times a day on an empty stomach.

Quite active gold is used not only in alternative medicine but also in cosmetology. Introduction under the upper layers of the dermis of the finest gold thread tightens the skin, makes the face younger.

In devyatnadtsatogo it has been proven that the combination of gold and calcium prevents the development of the tubercle Bacillus. And the funds produced from gold ( sanocrysin ) is used in the treatment of tuberculosis and various inflammatory processes so far. In the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis use medication krizanol . thirty percent of which is gold in conjunction with calcium. There is a view that funds from the gold activates the body’s defenses.

The Indian alternative medicine use this metal for the normal functioning of the heart and nervous system, recover the memory. Gold can be used if the patient spleen, epilepsy. hysteria, diseases of the liver .

It is a Golden water can be used at home for treatment. You can do it another way: just put in a glass of water ( preferably take it from the well or spring ) gold ring, chain, pendant ( without impurities ) for twenty-four hours. This water can be consumed in 200 milliliters a day. To drink on an empty stomach.

Those who suffer from ailments of the joints, helps gold baths, which include two times a week.

Gold is very strong metal, the effect of its use is stronger than silver. However, in this regard, it should be used accurately as directed.

When tonsillitis should suck some time in the mouth any gold items. This will enhance local immunity .

After myocardial infarction ought to wear a little silver locket, and then change it to gold. People suffering from heart disease is not very severe, it is helpful to wear a medallion of gold constantly.

Women suffering from gynecological ailments, should wear any article of gold at groin level.

Due to the fact that this metal increases blood pressure. it can be used to carry only those people whose pressure is lower than normal.

People suffering from arthritis, you need to put on the right hand bracelet of gold.