Garden of herbs
Growing medicinal plants at home can turn your windowsill into a living pharmacy. The nutrients and antioxidants in herbs help to strengthen the immune system, protect heart, improve brain function…

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Healing and healers.
You think that only the elect can relieve headache that only they possess this mysterious mission? Generally, if to understand and to conduct open research, only a small portion of…

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How cats treat diseases in humans

The ability of cats to treat said even in ancient times, especially believed that the inhabitants of Tibet and Egypt. Today this statement is a scientifically proven fact, and in alternative medicine, there is even a whole line called feline. So what is achieved and healing effect how to treat cat people? Today there are several versions explaining this phenomenon.

Ultrasound therapy

Thanks to numerous researches it has been proved that the sounds made by a cat when you purr, have a strong healing effect. They have a beneficial influence on the entire human body and also help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases . Action cat’s murricane similar influence, popularity, ultrasound therapy, the only difference is that it has a much greater effect and help in getting rid of illnesses, both animal and owner. The vibrations generated by Pets, accelerate the regeneration and restoration of cells, this promotes fast healing of wounds and the recovery of fractures. Also cats treat bone disease and inflammation. In addition they are able to save from mental disorders: the schizophrenias, neuroses, depression, even drug addiction alkogolizma.

Low-frequency current

London scientists have identified the ability of cats to radiate a powerful field with low frequency current. It is formed due to the rubbing together of the hairs of the coat. Low-frequency current kills germs, boosts immunity. beneficial effect on brain functioning, improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure and adjusts heart rate. Especially good cat treat various gynecological disease and inflammation of the joints.

Because output current depends on the length and characteristics of animal hair, they can have different effects on the human body. Absolutely all cats are able to remove headaches, normalize blood pressure, heal wounds and fractures. Pets Siamese breed – perfect “antiseptics” that can destroy many types of microbes and prevent the development of colds. British cats treat cardiovascular disease . Long-haired animals specialise in neurology and help get rid of insomnia. depression, irritability, etc. Short-haired or completely devoid of hair — help in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys.

Energy metabolism

There is an opinion that the source of all human disease is an energy imbalance. Cats are also capable of apprehending any violations in this area. They accurately determine the site of accumulation of excess negative energy, placed on it and absorb negative energy . thereby relieving the person from any disease. Perhaps this explains the fact that cats are able to anticipate the onset of many diseases and, like, feeding signs of their imminent development.

But why cats are treated and why they need it? This behavior of domestic pet due to the fact that they for the normal functioning of our own energy systems simply need to receive a charge of negative energy. Here they are fed and it from infected areas of the person. Although a similar negative charge electromagnetic waves animals can get from working TVs, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. which is why they often visit their favorite places. While medical abilities have only adult, healthy cats that were not spayed or neutered.