Nail fungus: the treatment of folk remedies
This is very unpleasant and unaesthetic disease such as nail fungus or onychomycosis, unfortunately, may threaten each of us. Fungal infections are transmitted very easily infection site can become a…

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The attributes of folk healer
Any people that come into the office folk healer, expect to see bunches of herbs hanging on the walls, various sized bottles of drugs, and various mysterious objects, like pendulums,…

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Holistic medicine: the future

Alternative medicine is gaining popularity all over the world. Some methods of alternative medicine such as homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture and some other areas, the world health organization has recognized as a method of treatment of patients and preventive method.

Among these techniques, holistic medicine.

Holistic medicine is the main postulate considers the interrelation of everything in the world, everything can be treated as a single entity. On the basis of this dogma, the diseased organ can be treated by acting on the corresponding points of the external bodies that we are familiar with in acupuncture. The bearer of the integrity of the organism is its DNA. Acting on DNA, can change the world. That is why proponents of holistic medicine oppose genetic engineering, because it is not known what changes in the Universe it may lead.

At the end of the twentieth century holism was revived first in the USA then spread to Europe. In Russia holistic medicine is not recognized and is prohibited. In some areas, having a license and medical degree. In the U.S., according to data published in mid-November, to alternative medicine resorted to 50% of the population. In some countries of Europe (Germany, Holland, Italy) homeopathic remedies are sold in pharmacies, treatment in holistic clinics is an insurance case.In Russia pharmacies in homeopathy tools are sold too.

Traditional medicine with lots of drugs to cope with not cure all diseases, so alternative medicine deserves attention.

Main directions

Acupuncture effects on the internal organs by needles through specific points on the body;

Aromatherapy the effects of scents on the human body;

Ayurveda diet and medicines are appointed in accordance with the type of person (something similar to the type of temperament), in accordance with the type of change in diet and lifestyle;

Homeopathy – the use of the microdoses of the drugs that cause the disease, the dose is assigned for each selection individually and can be adjusted by a physician;

Osteopathy (chiropractic) is a method of restoration of mobility of joints and spine, restore normal blood circulation;

Reflexology – the pressure points of the foot to cure the relevant body;

Phytotherapy – the use of different properties of plants to treat body and strengthen the immune system.

The main goal of holistic medicine is disease prevention, not disease treatment. Some Russian doctors advocate the recognition of holistic medicine, because traditional methods are ineffective. Perhaps alternative medicine in Russia will occupy a worthy place in the foreseeable future.

Some ways of holistic medicine are quite combined with a healthy lifestyle. Sun. water and air means of alternative medicine.

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