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Nail fungus: the treatment of folk remedies

This is very unpleasant and unaesthetic disease such as nail fungus or onychomycosis, unfortunately, may threaten each of us. Fungal infections are transmitted very easily infection site can become a gym, swimming pool, bath, shower at work and other public places. So it is always worthwhile to monitor the hygiene of your hands and feet. If still happened infestation, begin treatment immediately and this will help folk remedies.

The untimely treatment of nail fungus leads to its spread and cause serious health problems. The fact that caused on the nails of hands, feet or skin fungus synthesizes toxic enzymes that causes accumulation hazardous to our health toxins. Folk remedies against onychomycosis can help prevent complications associated with activity of the fungus, but to solve the problem, when the disease is already running better with the help of a doctor.

A number of methods of treatment of nail fungus folk remedies is very large, we have selected five of the most effective and frequently used recipes, including:

• treatment of fungus nails using butter and garlic. To prepare this recipe you will need a average head of garlic and a tablespoon of butter. Garlic rubbed on a fine grater and mix with slightly softened butter. The mixture smear those areas where you find the nail fungus.

• can locationhotel using folk remedies such as sea salt. Dissolve about a teaspoon of sea salt in a liter of warm water, mix well and treat with this solution daily on your hands or feet, or take a bath that also very effective.

• iodine – recognized folk remedy for nail fungus, it is easy to find and easy to use. In order to defeat the fungus with iodine, apply it one drop on each nail twice a day. After a week you should feel a little pain around the nails and burning – this means that the method works. If the pain is too strong, and carry out the procedure of treating fungus with iodine a little less.

• the following folk method of treatment of the fungus is based on the beneficial properties of the leaves of viburnum. Napvite 5-6 fresh leaves, wash them and pound in a mortar. The resulting mush apply on the affected with a fungus on the surface for 1-2 minutes. This procedure should be repeated at least once a day.

• very good at helping with nail fungus alcoholate propolis (20%). Her you can find at any local pharmacy. Ammonite tincture swab of cotton wool and apply to the sore nails. Repeat the applying propolis daily until the fungus disappears.

Medicine is skeptical about the treatment of nail fungus folk remedies, but does not deny his favor. According to doctors, to completely get rid of the fungus, only combining folk and medical methods of treatment. So if you suffer from this disease before starting self-treatment, consult your doctor, only a professional can assess the features of the disease from you and assign complex treatment.

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