Non-traditional medicine in Vietnam
Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia, in the Eastern part of the Indochina Peninsula. Its coastline is simply gorgeous. It's mostly white sandy beaches. Vietnam beautifully combines coastal plains to…

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Medicinal herbs and fees of the Crimea.
Although pharmacology and very well developed in our day, herbal teas remain in the Arsenal of all Housewives as a healing tool. Medicinal herbs of the Crimea is much closer…

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Stalin and Tungus shamans

Stalin lived among the great shaman for over four years. That’s right: not in the places where they live shamanic peoples, and was sitting by the fire with great shamans. It’s not that Stalin had to turn to the shamans, but the shamans themselves came to him, sometimes from afar, moreover, treated him as dedicated to a higher level.

This was all before the revolution. When Stalin exiled to Kostino (Turukhansky Krai), it came Evenk shamans who predicted the Tunguska meteorite. Predicted — and brought out from under people flash.

In the Museum of Turukhansk visit Evenk shamans remained under the description: “the shamans came to ask Stalin how to make a trading cooperative”. And that has nothing to do shamans, as a thousand miles to go for advice, which they understood, and didn’t use it.

Those who are able to predict such an event as the Tunguska “meteorite”, much less able to understand its meaning. Meaning, hidden from the uninitiated. Stalin’s whole life had been strange with regard to the Tunguska fall action. This alone is sufficient indication of the source of constant victorious Stalin.

Shamanism — the actual beliefs of Stalin?

Stalin was always a very secretive, in addition, like every successful politician, he could not afford to confess from the podium. The Tungus shamans came in 1914. in 1916, when Stalin transferred the police to sit even further North, in the machine of Kureyka, there occurred an event even more amazing.

Stalin attended by great shamans from dozens of Nations, rode thousands of miles away, there are direct indications that some drove all the way from the coast of the Arctic ocean. In a place called Half these shamans, and there were about 300 people held a ceremony of the Second Toe. Then in those Nations, from which have come these shamans, good and evil shaman. Now in those places shamans only Russians.

One is the cessation of the reproduction of the shamans said that these three hundred and shamans gave the gifts to Stalin, which are usually transmitted by the nature, the most worthy of the descendants.

Again, in the Turukhansky the macropoker Stalin had lived with shamans for about four years. But even before the Turukhansk exile when Stalin sat in the Arkhangelsk region in the town of Solvychegodsk, he regularly went to the village Conflagration, where there were cathedrals of the Magi from different Nations. These cathedrals Stalin called “the great initiated”, the Wheelhouse. It’s 1909 or 1910. But even earlier, in the years 1903-1904, when Stalin was only 24 years old, and he was sitting in his first link in a New Oud (200 km from lake Baikal) he like to work every day climbed up to the great shaman of the whale-Kai.

The success of Stalin in politics, economic activities, construction, war, the spiritual education of the Stakhanovites and dedicated people, not random. These unparalleled successes have reason. Better to say, the roots. Stalin, being a man belokamennoy culture, doing some simple steps, which to the uninformed seem unnecessary, but it is these simple actions and have been the Foundation of Russia’s success in all areas. But what were these simple — and surprising! — operation, requires a separate discussion. Details are described in the books by Alexei Menyailova.