Alternative medicine
Since ancient times in the homes of wealthy people used Cutlery made of gold. It was not just a thirst for expensive and prestigious products, but also the prevention of…

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School of psychics and healers
Many people, impressed by the show "Battle of psychics" or the stories of friends about the miracles of healing and fortune telling are wondering how to become a psychic? The…

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Expedition to the shaman healers

Under the leadership of Alfonso Granda – psychologist, psychotherapist and University Professor, specialist accredited in Biodanza. Ericksonian hypnotherapy and family Constellations with extensive experience in the clinical setting. A connoisseur and promoter of folk medicine and ancient Peruvian peoples in the University. The Director of the Biodanza school of Lima – Peru. Ø ANS to interview a real Shaman, besides, if he and the rector of the University San Martin. But in this case, our chances increase dramatically, because to combine University education and clean Peruvian tradition of shamanism that only a person with great aptitude for data synthesis and a broad Outlook on life.

Curandero — shaman -witch with special Magical Knowledge. It is the person who uses the plant as well as animals, solar energy, land and all natural resources, including your own body, to help other people to find peace and calm, relieve pain, and to feel care. We are talking about a man who drives positive forces of body and spirit. Today in Peru there are only a few masters know how to perform this ritual. The others simply are limited to issuance to the participants the minimum dose of plants. Continue reading

How cats treat diseases in humans

The ability of cats to treat said even in ancient times, especially believed that the inhabitants of Tibet and Egypt. Today this statement is a scientifically proven fact, and in alternative medicine, there is even a whole line called feline. So what is achieved and healing effect how to treat cat people? Today there are several versions explaining this phenomenon.

Ultrasound therapy

Thanks to numerous researches it has been proved that the sounds made by a cat when you purr, have a strong healing effect. They have a beneficial influence on the entire human body and also help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases . Action cat’s murricane similar influence, popularity, ultrasound therapy, the only difference is that it has a much greater effect and help in getting rid of illnesses, both animal and owner. The vibrations generated by Pets, accelerate the regeneration and restoration of cells, this promotes fast healing of wounds and the recovery of fractures. Also cats treat bone disease and inflammation. In addition they are able to save from mental disorders: the schizophrenias, neuroses, depression, even drug addiction alkogolizma.

Low-frequency current

London scientists have identified the ability of cats to radiate a powerful field with low frequency current. It is formed due to the rubbing together of the hairs of the coat. Low-frequency current kills germs, boosts immunity. beneficial effect on brain functioning, improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure and adjusts heart rate. Especially good cat treat various gynecological disease and inflammation of the joints. Continue reading