Several unusual methods of treatment of tinnitus — noise or ringing in the ears
Judging by the popularity of my articles about tinnitus, this issue is a concern for many people website visitors. Here's a previous article with tag tinnitus . But as an…

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Stalin and Tungus shamans
Stalin lived among the great shaman for over four years. That's right: not in the places where they live shamanic peoples, and was sitting by the fire with great shamans.…

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Alternative medicine in Germany

I have always believed that traditional medicine with its many recipes from any sores is the heritage of our mother Russia. And those who want to be treated by means of nature, can always find a suitable remedy for yourself.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that in some countries, natural medicines enjoy even more than in Russia. To us (the company where I worked, participated in it) a delegation arrived from Germany, and among the Germans was a modest, little woman, the assistant of the head of the German company and his translator. Our Director was invited by the German leadership to his dacha on the barbecue. That’s where Martha (that was the name of the translator) and I had a conversation on the topic of folk medicine. It was in early may, and around us was full of dandelions. March, when saw them, glad, scared, broke a few pieces, washed in well water, tore off the flower heads and sent it straight into his mouth. Of course, I knew that the spring dandelions are helpful, but they’re bitter, and not slishala never to be eaten straight so no salad. I apologized and asked Martha if she isn’t bitter. She laughed and replied that she was already used to it, because eating fresh dandelions for a long time, as her joints ache. I understand that she had arthritis, and she spent every spring courses prevention, eating a day up to 10 flower heads (carefully chewing them). Continue reading

Alternative medicine

Traditional medicine is based on traditions and experience, which have survived from the ancient times. Especially effective are traditional methods of Oriental medicine of Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Many methods of traditional medicine are not accepted in traditional medicine. Even scientific studies cannot always explain the phenomenon of the abilities and effectiveness of therapeutic techniques of medicine men and healers. However, modern medicine and does not challenge the right to existence of such an alternative to its own technological and scientifically grounded methods. The main thing is that they do not hurt patients. Today in the sphere of international medical tourism more demand for medical and Wellness programs are being used for rehabilitation and restoration of the body, which are held on traditional Eastern techniques. They also apply for General strengthening of the human immune system.

Conventionally unconventional treatment methods are divided into alternative and complementary. Alternative therapy involves a complete refusal of standard therapy and the complementary — used in combination with standard treatments.

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Traditional healers

Oleg Kondrat is a hereditary healer with 20 years of experience. His bioenergy and psychic abilities are tested and confirmed by scientists.

The healer specializes in traditional healing methods and is a practicing psychologist.

Oleg Kondrat has worked with a wide range of issues, always coming to the aid of those who suffer:

diagnoses of the body

helps to improve the body and get rid of many diseases. cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, neuroses, inflammations, asthma, depression, disorders of female genital sphere, etc.

psychological problem

restores energy, vitality stamina

Unique abilities of Oleg Kondrat were confirmed by scientists of the laboratory for scientific substantiation of traditional methods of diagnostics and treatment of Federal Scientific Clinical-Experimental Center of the Ministry of Health. There is an official conclusion. Contains a wealth of documentary medical evidence of treatment outcomes Kondrat, which can be found in our Center. Continue reading