Manufacturing of herbs
Production and commercial company "VITAFARM" (LLC) – the heart, the "motor" of the entire company, which occupies a worthy place among the other Russian enterprises manufacturing medicines from raw materials…

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Medicine of ancient Egypt
Note: If you want to calculate or know the value of insurance LCA, on the company's website Infull, you can find all relevant information in an accessible mode. Also, you…

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School of psychics and healers

Many people, impressed by the show “Battle of psychics” or the stories of friends about the miracles of healing and fortune telling are wondering how to become a psychic? The founder of our Center Fudim Gregory L. believes that healing abilities and extrasensory perception, everyone has this hidden potential, not everyone get enough to disclose. Therefore, when our Center is a School for psychics and healers in which anyone can learn the basics of healing, bioenergy, extrasensory perception, arts of possession. Our school anavidine and healing teaches students for 26 years!

Training bioenergy and healing, courses, psychics

The School is built on the principle “from simple to complex”, so even the most inexperienced in matters of healing and bioenergy will enable the students to absorb the material being taught. The training is conducted in small groups up to 15 people, so the teacher is fully able to pay attention to every student. Courses are conducted by Vadim Grigory Lvovich – known healer, psychic and bio with over 30 years of experience in healing work. More and Fadime can be read here .

And yet, how to become a psychic?

You need persistence, faith,a willingness to learn and, most importantly, need a teacher and mentor – the man who “invest” in you the knowledge. Fudim Gregory L. belongs to the category of healers who can not only help others but also to transfer their knowledge to everyone. Over the years his many years of practice Gregory L. has trained over 1,500 healers who practice on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries, Lithuania, USA, UK, France, Germany, Peru. Our center of parapsychology can rightly be proud of the scale of work done! Continue reading

The main aspects of Reiki healing: intuition

One of the main aspects of the work of the healer is Reiki intuition. She is intuition begins to develop at the initiation of the First stage of Reiki and continues to rise in the process of healing practice and the following steps. – What level of intuition you come to get the first level of Reiki is important. But the high or low level intuition is not a ban, or, conversely, an entry ticket to practice Reiki. To get Reiki initiation and practice to successfully can anyone who feels this need.

Most interesting things happen after initiation. Your intuition begins to develop, strengthen, grow. She, like other aspects of your being, is receiving power – the energy of Reiki for the development. As a result, regularly practicing Reiki, we are increasingly able to rely on our intuition stronger. How to apply? During the healing session there are a number of meditative practices that enable one using intuition to determine what organs or systems need to work longer to pay attention to them. These practices we learn in the process of obtaining the first, second or master level of Reiki.

In addition, the intuition begins to enter into your daily life. For example, we intuitively begin to eat foods coorientation affect our body. We do not assign appointments that do not give results, and do not go to events useless for us. We begin to feel the people with whom I communicate, intuitive realizing that they need now, and how to interact with them that it allowed them and us to grow. Continue reading