The use of medicinal plants in everyday life
Every family probably has a home first aid kit containing the drugs and medicines necessary for rendering medical first aid in case of some acute diseases and accidents, as well…

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Treatment of runny nose at home
It so happened that under the treatment of rhinitis at home, we mean the use of traditional medicine, while in the treatment of drug drugs use the term "treatment of…

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Medicine is better – traditional or folk?

For a healthy person this question is not relevant, but what to do for the patient?

Where to go for help?

Now traditional medicine has made a big step forward, but traditional medicine does not cease to be popular in any country of the world.

Everywhere people are trying to find the first recipes of traditional medicine, in order to fill the smaller body chemistry.

For example: in Africa find a pharmacy or doctor’s just much more complicated than that of a shaman. And in China generally find the difference between traditional and folk medicine is almost impossible.

For the world Health Organization ( who), traditional medicine is presented as therapeutic procedures are performed with the use of plant, animal and mineral resources. As well as the special procedures, physical exercises, application of knowledge for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various types of diseases. As implied by the who, folk medicine should help to improve the quality of life. Continue reading

Medicine of ancient Egypt

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The most ancient medicine originated in Egypt before our era. This is what we learn from historic notes on the papyrus, surprising, because to date, mankind has not solved many mysteries of ancient Egypt. According to Egyptian doctors were very smart. Also it can be noted that the Egyptian people are one of the few who knew the connection between the heart and the pulse. Very interesting, because the author of the ancient “papyrus Smith” had a cardiovascular system of a man, though, and thought it useless to know something about blood vessels, tendons and nerves. It is impossible not to notice that many medical practices have been completed successfully, for example surgery: it was the Egyptians put into procedure surgery washing of bodies and their razor, this way you can prevent the infection in the human body.

They are one of the first warned that eating raw foods is injurious to health. It is interesting to note that the first medication in Egypt were either ineffective or harmful, such as: they contain the manure or mould, of course some of them had healing properties,but some and a serious threat to health. Continue reading

Traditional and non-traditional medicine

Traditional medicines play an important role in human society, from past centuries. Traditional medical practice illustrates the medical knowledge practices, which improved more than centuries ago within the framework of different societies who lived before our era of modern Allopathic or homeopathic medicines. Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Unani, herbal, African Yoruba IFA, Muti as well as many other ancient medical practices from all over the world included in these medicines.

Historically, in the late twentieth century a number of methods came to dominate the practice of traditional medicine. Among all is herbal medicine, followed by the system of ancient Greek and Roman sources, the Ayurvedic system of medicine from India, traditional Chinese medicine Unani-Tibb medicine and Shamanic. Herbalism was the dominant therapy in the late twentieth century.

The most important contribution of modern medicines

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