The beneficial properties of guarana
Today's guest blogger in the first place, most famous lovers of energy drinks that have become very popular as a coffee substitute and basically contain guarana extract, which due to…

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Alternative medicine in Germany
I have always believed that traditional medicine with its many recipes from any sores is the heritage of our mother Russia. And those who want to be treated by means…

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Gastrointestinal diseases, traditional methods of treatment

How to make your skin elastic and toned at home. Elastic skin is a dream of every woman, which, fortunately, is easily achievable even at home. Radiant youth and beauty of facial skin can make any woman beautiful. But unfortunately, constant stress, chronic lack of sleep, lack of fresh air and vitamin, excessive use of decorative cosmetics, pollution and a thousand other reasons, lead to the fact that our skin loses its luster and elasticity,and cosmetics are not too committed to back its freshness.

Folk remedies from wrinkles . As much as we wanted to avoid this, but at some point the age makes itself felt. One day you may notice on your face wrinkles. Though the wrinkles on the face is quite normal and age-related changes, but they can be addressed. At the moment there is an insane amount of diverse tools that help to eliminate this problem. Unfortunately, these drugs are a but expensive, and not everyone can buy them. And then here we can help folk cosmetics .

Folk remedies for hair loss. Hair loss is excessive, if a person loses more than 50-60 hair daily (loss of 30-50 hairs per day is considered normal). The causes of hair loss – metabolic disorders (deficiency of vitamin b 6 . folic acid); anxiety, sudden fright, stress ; General weakening of the body caused by past illnesses (anemia, influenza, chronic colds with high temperatures); the hereditary factor. Continue reading

The attributes of folk healer

Any people that come into the office folk healer, expect to see bunches of herbs hanging on the walls, various sized bottles of drugs, and various mysterious objects, like pendulums, crystal balls, magic amulets. It with one hand. On the other hand, paradoxically, it is this atmosphere and deters potential customers or patients.

First, the long period of planting in our country atheism and materialism lodged in the minds of citizens a strong belief in the impossibility of any “wonders”, even if it has a logical justification. Many people simply reject all that cannot see, hear, feel.

Secondly, the abuse of magical and healing attributes of numerous charlatans discredited as her and non-traditional methods of healing at all.

What to do if you are a talented bio-energy therapist or healer is hereditary, but, unlike the scammers who build a business on the suffering of the people, can’t get enough a vast clientele?

Folk healing as a business

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Feline aristocracy, dogs who treat people sapindus and other Kipsala

Spring comes, the nature revives and brings good news for those who love our little brothers — 21st and 22nd March in Kipsala will host an exhibition of Pets and zoo industry PetExpo 2015. Families with children and everyone who loves animals, look forward to seeing hundreds of cats, dogs, other domestic and exotic animals, exciting shows and rides!

Beautiful dogs

Big and small, furry and gladkosherstnye, vigilant guards and hunters, or just companions and loyal family friends — so variety will be presented to the dog at the exhibition “PetExpo 2015”. For two days visitors will be able to see more than three thousand representatives of 210 species. Participants will include sapindus and Majorcan bulldog (CA De Bou), and it’s not the most exotic! On It will gather dogs from France, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia… just from 14 different countries. Dog lovers will be able to observe not only unprecedented in Latvia rocks, but the lessons of obedience, performances, circus stunts and other events. In addition, each exhibition day will end with a colourful show by definition the most beautiful of the beautiful horses of various breeds.

Dogs who treat children

Annually the exhibition with special warmth welcomes families with children. This year with young audience will act the group, which brings together the peace-loving and friendly dogs who treat children. While rediculious to find out for what purpose and how is it used canistherapy, children can meet and play with specially trained for this purpose four-legged friends. Experiencing warm emotions from communicating with affectionate and friendly animals, children will be able naprygatsya on inflatable rides that will operate both days of the show! Continue reading