Medicinal plants: how to build a therapeutic flower bed in his garden?
Residents of this amazing Crimean village not sick. Even banal colds are a rarity, age and ailments catch up with people later than usual. The secret is in the special…

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Do therapeutic patch and forget about the pharmacy
At the present time the cultivation of medicinal plants on the site is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the fact that some herbs can be used in…

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School of psychics and healers

Many people, impressed by the show “Battle of psychics” or the stories of friends about the miracles of healing and fortune telling are wondering how to become a psychic? The founder of our Center Fudim Gregory L. believes that healing abilities and extrasensory perception, everyone has this hidden potential, not everyone get enough to disclose. Therefore, when our Center is a School for psychics and healers in which anyone can learn the basics of healing, bioenergy, extrasensory perception, arts of possession. Our school anavidine and healing teaches students for 26 years!

Training bioenergy and healing, courses, psychics

The School is built on the principle “from simple to complex”, so even the most inexperienced in matters of healing and bioenergy will enable the students to absorb the material being taught. The training is conducted in small groups up to 15 people, so the teacher is fully able to pay attention to every student. Courses are conducted by Vadim Grigory Lvovich – known healer, psychic and bio with over 30 years of experience in healing work. More and Fadime can be read here .

And yet, how to become a psychic?

You need persistence, faith,a willingness to learn and, most importantly, need a teacher and mentor – the man who “invest” in you the knowledge. Fudim Gregory L. belongs to the category of healers who can not only help others but also to transfer their knowledge to everyone. Over the years his many years of practice Gregory L. has trained over 1,500 healers who practice on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries, Lithuania, USA, UK, France, Germany, Peru. Our center of parapsychology can rightly be proud of the scale of work done! Continue reading

Holistic medicine: the future

Alternative medicine is gaining popularity all over the world. Some methods of alternative medicine such as homeopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture and some other areas, the world health organization has recognized as a method of treatment of patients and preventive method.

Among these techniques, holistic medicine.

Holistic medicine is the main postulate considers the interrelation of everything in the world, everything can be treated as a single entity. On the basis of this dogma, the diseased organ can be treated by acting on the corresponding points of the external bodies that we are familiar with in acupuncture. The bearer of the integrity of the organism is its DNA. Acting on DNA, can change the world. That is why proponents of holistic medicine oppose genetic engineering, because it is not known what changes in the Universe it may lead.

At the end of the twentieth century holism was revived first in the USA then spread to Europe. In Russia holistic medicine is not recognized and is prohibited. In some areas, having a license and medical degree. In the U.S., according to data published in mid-November, to alternative medicine resorted to 50% of the population. In some countries of Europe (Germany, Holland, Italy) homeopathic remedies are sold in pharmacies, treatment in holistic clinics is an insurance case.In Russia pharmacies in homeopathy tools are sold too. Continue reading

Nail fungus: the treatment of folk remedies

This is very unpleasant and unaesthetic disease such as nail fungus or onychomycosis, unfortunately, may threaten each of us. Fungal infections are transmitted very easily infection site can become a gym, swimming pool, bath, shower at work and other public places. So it is always worthwhile to monitor the hygiene of your hands and feet. If still happened infestation, begin treatment immediately and this will help folk remedies.

The untimely treatment of nail fungus leads to its spread and cause serious health problems. The fact that caused on the nails of hands, feet or skin fungus synthesizes toxic enzymes that causes accumulation hazardous to our health toxins. Folk remedies against onychomycosis can help prevent complications associated with activity of the fungus, but to solve the problem, when the disease is already running better with the help of a doctor.

A number of methods of treatment of nail fungus folk remedies is very large, we have selected five of the most effective and frequently used recipes, including:

• treatment of fungus nails using butter and garlic. To prepare this recipe you will need a average head of garlic and a tablespoon of butter. Garlic rubbed on a fine grater and mix with slightly softened butter. The mixture smear those areas where you find the nail fungus. Continue reading