Alternative medicine
Traditional medicine is based on traditions and experience, which have survived from the ancient times. Especially effective are traditional methods of Oriental medicine of Southeast Asia and Oceania. Many methods…

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Folk remedies treatment of influenza
When the flu first need to go to the doctor. In addition to prescribed by a doctor means you can use non-medicinal methods of treatment, such as: Rose hips beverage.…

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In Aktau, traditional healers and mages are most likely scams

Healers, psychics and magicians are charlatans and do not have any powers. Some of these fraudsters manage to trick into possession of a large sum of money, up to a million tenge and more. This was at the briefing on 8 April, said the Prosecutor of Aktau Talgat Alibaev.

He stressed that in the field of alternative medicine scams today no less than, for example, in the field of housing.

– Today often it is possible to see the advertisement, including a running line on local TV, about the services of folk healers of different colours. They offer to remove the damage, evil eye, promises growth in career to bring in good luck and so on. How can they not call the magicians, astrologers, biocorrectors, eniopsychology. Amazes imagination and the variety of ways and methods of getting rid of ailments, such advertising can be seen and Greek, and Romanian, and Gypsy methods of treatment. Most likely, these names come up for the sound quality, effect, and people are willing to believe anything. In the end, and losing money, and from disease not get, – says the Prosecutor of Aktau Talgat Alibaev.

According to the Prosecutor, to prove fraud not easy, but law enforcement agencies managed to bring the case to court. The so-called folk healer citizen K. stratigraphy criminal case after swindled other people’s money. According to the materials of the case, K. learned about the disease of a certain inhabitant of Aktau and convinced a woman that is a folk healer since 2012. Continue reading

Feline aristocracy, dogs who treat people sapindus and other Kipsala

Spring comes, the nature revives and brings good news for those who love our little brothers — 21st and 22nd March in Kipsala will host an exhibition of Pets and zoo industry PetExpo 2015. Families with children and everyone who loves animals, look forward to seeing hundreds of cats, dogs, other domestic and exotic animals, exciting shows and rides!

Beautiful dogs

Big and small, furry and gladkosherstnye, vigilant guards and hunters, or just companions and loyal family friends — so variety will be presented to the dog at the exhibition “PetExpo 2015”. For two days visitors will be able to see more than three thousand representatives of 210 species. Participants will include sapindus and Majorcan bulldog (CA De Bou), and it’s not the most exotic! On It will gather dogs from France, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia… just from 14 different countries. Dog lovers will be able to observe not only unprecedented in Latvia rocks, but the lessons of obedience, performances, circus stunts and other events. In addition, each exhibition day will end with a colourful show by definition the most beautiful of the beautiful horses of various breeds.

Dogs who treat children

Annually the exhibition with special warmth welcomes families with children. This year with young audience will act the group, which brings together the peace-loving and friendly dogs who treat children. While rediculious to find out for what purpose and how is it used canistherapy, children can meet and play with specially trained for this purpose four-legged friends. Experiencing warm emotions from communicating with affectionate and friendly animals, children will be able naprygatsya on inflatable rides that will operate both days of the show! Continue reading

The use of medicinal plants in everyday life

Every family probably has a home first aid kit containing the drugs and medicines necessary for rendering medical first aid in case of some acute diseases and accidents, as well as the drugs used for a long period of time as prescribed by a physician, patients who have chronic diseases. Among these drugs there are plants and plant preparations, which are prepared at home medications.

To cost to notice that some plants, though, and are in their dry state, retain their healing properties for many months and even years, allowing them to stock up.

Plants that are included in the State Pharmacopoeia, a pharmacy is called. Medicinal plants, which are not included in this publication, under certain conditions, can be applied in medical practice. With the emergence of more effective means part of the previous doctors plants of this type the actions lose their meaning in medical practice (cease to apply). In parallel, there is the process of increasing Arsenal of scientific medicine herbs and plants, coming from traditional medicine, and, so to say,new plants, about the healing properties which have not been known previously.

Popularity of curative properties of medicinal plants is quite large, and their use is not limited to the presence in the Pharmacopoeia. Among them there are many other medicinal properties which, are scientifically proven.

Their use for the treatment safely at home is possible if they are surely recognized by the distinctive Botanical characteristics, collected on time i.e. when they have the drugs.

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