Stalin and Tungus shamans
Stalin lived among the great shaman for over four years. That's right: not in the places where they live shamanic peoples, and was sitting by the fire with great shamans.…

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Folk healers of China: Sheng, Shui and Miao
In China inhabited by 56 different nationalities. So traditional medicine in unprecedented diversity. Many residents of European countries believe that folk medicine is something close to quackery, or at best,…

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Treatment of runny nose at home

It so happened that under the treatment of rhinitis at home, we mean the use of traditional medicine, while in the treatment of drug drugs use the term “treatment of rhinitis” without reference to the terrain. At closer look, it all looks a bit crazy, but it happened, and not for us to break this tradition.

Before to start consideration of folk (home) remedies for getting rid of the common cold, of which there are now an incredible amount, I would like to draw attention to something.

All existing folk remedies for the treatment of rhinitis can be divided into three categories:

1. “True folk” – those who came to us having passed the crucible of the centuries preserved in folk memory. This is the most safe and effective methods to counteract the cold. They have a huge statistical sample among the many previous generations that helped to weed out all the unnecessary and keep the most effective.

2. “Home” – formed in conditions of deficiency of variety of medicines in the era of the USSR. They were passed from mouth to mouth, at work, on the phone, during an unexpected meeting on the street, were recorded in special notebooks, sometimes supplemented by personal findings. They also have high efficiency and safety. Continue reading

Do therapeutic patch and forget about the pharmacy

At the present time the cultivation of medicinal plants on the site is becoming increasingly popular. This is mainly due to the fact that some herbs can be used in several purposes. For example, not only in medical, but also as a seasoning in cooking and for flavoring.

In the composition of plants is a complex of substances which, when ingested or on the skin have different effects — astringent, anti-inflammatory, tonic, soothing, etc.

These substances varied in chemical composition and belong to different classes of compounds — alkaloids, organic acids, tannic and mucous substances, fatty and essential oils, sugars, vitamins, volatile, resins, etc., for example, sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, etc.) play an important role in metabolism, promote nourishment of the skin, etc. Especially in berries and fruits.

Organic acids (citric, malic, oxalic, acetic, etc.) play an important role in metabolism. They are contained in the cell SAP.

Essential oils — aromatic volatile substances with astringent, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, analgesic and other properties. Continue reading

Plums, and their benefits and harms

Summer is a great time, we all have the opportunity to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, including plums.

Plums can be of significant benefit to our body, but also can hurt. It is believed that the birthplace of the drain — West Asia, and it is well proven, it can be canned — and this credit is widespread, and fresh she has great taste.

And its therapeutic effect is well known in folk medicine. The mention of the healing effects of drain was found even in ancient written sources. In Europe was introduced by the Romans, and many doctors of the Roman emperors were preparing drugs and decoctions for their masters. Further Roman merchants contributed to its spread.

Beneficial effects discharge — medical advice

According to the statements of nutritionists — it is rich in vitamins, important minerals, and organic acids. Doctors it is recommended to use for gastritis with high acidity and gastric ulcer (drain reduces the acidity of gastric juice). Continue reading