Medicine is better - traditional or folk?
For a healthy person this question is not relevant, but what to do for the patient? Where to go for help? Now traditional medicine has made a big step forward,…

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Guarana: a medicinal plant
With the medical purpose, use the fruits and seeds of guarana. Seeds of plants are rich in vitamins A, b, E, PP, minerals. The plant extract used in pharmaceuticals, in…

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The use of medicinal herbs for hemorrhoids treatment

How to get rid of a hangover with the help of medicinal plants? Medicinal herbs will help.Collection from hemorrhoids to buy at the store herbs treat hemorrhoids Applying.Herbal store and APPLICATION: relative To the treatment of hemorrhoids.MEDICINAL PLANTS If you look around the eye doctor, looking for medicinal.use medicinal herbs, the Use of baths to treat hemorrhoids became.

Kidney disease. Chronic glomerulonephritis: information about the disease. Chronic.Traditional methods of hemorrhoid treatment Here the use of medicinal herbs application.The use of enemas is Often the method of treatment of hemorrhoids or infusions of medicinal.Topical application drug used for the treatment of hemorrhoids together.

Currently used to treat hemorrhoids applying. medicinal herbs.and the site contains descriptions of many medicinal herbs, herbal teas: treatment.What is aloe. Aloe Vera (lat. Aloë) is a tree-like perennial herb, very.Recipes for medicinal herbs when the Use. also Folk remedies treatment of hemorrhoids. Continue reading

How cats treat diseases in humans

The ability of cats to treat said even in ancient times, especially believed that the inhabitants of Tibet and Egypt. Today this statement is a scientifically proven fact, and in alternative medicine, there is even a whole line called feline. So what is achieved and healing effect how to treat cat people? Today there are several versions explaining this phenomenon.

Ultrasound therapy

Thanks to numerous researches it has been proved that the sounds made by a cat when you purr, have a strong healing effect. They have a beneficial influence on the entire human body and also help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases . Action cat’s murricane similar influence, popularity, ultrasound therapy, the only difference is that it has a much greater effect and help in getting rid of illnesses, both animal and owner. The vibrations generated by Pets, accelerate the regeneration and restoration of cells, this promotes fast healing of wounds and the recovery of fractures. Also cats treat bone disease and inflammation. In addition they are able to save from mental disorders: the schizophrenias, neuroses, depression, even drug addiction alkogolizma.

Low-frequency current

London scientists have identified the ability of cats to radiate a powerful field with low frequency current. It is formed due to the rubbing together of the hairs of the coat. Low-frequency current kills germs, boosts immunity. beneficial effect on brain functioning, improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure and adjusts heart rate. Especially good cat treat various gynecological disease and inflammation of the joints. Continue reading

Stalin and Tungus shamans

Stalin lived among the great shaman for over four years. That’s right: not in the places where they live shamanic peoples, and was sitting by the fire with great shamans. It’s not that Stalin had to turn to the shamans, but the shamans themselves came to him, sometimes from afar, moreover, treated him as dedicated to a higher level.

This was all before the revolution. When Stalin exiled to Kostino (Turukhansky Krai), it came Evenk shamans who predicted the Tunguska meteorite. Predicted — and brought out from under people flash.

In the Museum of Turukhansk visit Evenk shamans remained under the description: “the shamans came to ask Stalin how to make a trading cooperative”. And that has nothing to do shamans, as a thousand miles to go for advice, which they understood, and didn’t use it.

Those who are able to predict such an event as the Tunguska “meteorite”, much less able to understand its meaning. Meaning, hidden from the uninitiated. Stalin’s whole life had been strange with regard to the Tunguska fall action. This alone is sufficient indication of the source of constant victorious Stalin. Continue reading